Every year, there is a player that can be considered a late-bloomer.  We have our eye on one in the western part of the state of North Carolina, as 2022 6’8 Leon Nahar is one to start tracking if you haven’t already.

Nahar is a name that came across to us earlier in the season in Rock Hill at the Phenom MLK Showcase, capturing our intrigue with his skillset, potential, and size.  He has only continued to work hard on his game and made a recent impression on our own Rick Lewis at the WNC All-Star event.

Here is what was said about Nahar recently:

“Potential, potential, and potential. We were impressed with Nahar’s smooth and fluid game on both sides of the ball. Nahar has the ability to grab the defensive rebound and start the break with his ball-handling and passing skills. He finished with 17 points but really showcased a strong and effective all-around game.” – Rick Lewis from WNC All-Star Game

“Nahar grabbed the attention with his long 6’9 frame.  Shots might have not always fallen for the young man but there could be something there, as he showed he is comfortable from outside with his shot, moved well around the court, and used his length well to be disruptive at times, and got on the boards.” – Patrick O’Brien from Phenom MLK Showcase

Nahar is a long, lengthy prospect that screams versatility, with his ability to step out and knock down shots, operate with the ball in his hands, and also get on the boards or block shots.  Now, there is still room for development in each of those, as he is far from what the final product could end up as, but the flashes he gives you are why programs are starting to look his way.

When speaking to his high school coaches, there are quite a few schools that are showing interest his way.  UC Santa Barbara, Eastern Washington, Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown, Elon, Northern Colorado, VMI, Lafayette, Boston University, UNCG, and Boise State have all looked his way and that list could continue to rise, so it will be interesting to see who will be the first to pull the trigger on an offer.