2025 Miles Leaks (Piedmont): Leaks is a name that we have mentioned quite a few times after this and we are going to continue to mention more. We have spoken plenty about his game and if you missed it, you can check out our article earlier this week here (Click Here). But Leaks showed poise in running the show, showed flashes of his vision and playmaking ability, and looks to clearly be the leader for his high school team this year.

2025 CJ Purdie (Combine Academy): Purdie is a name we have mentioned quite a few times, even before many had heard of him. Watching Purdie and Combine Academy this summer, he was a standout countless times and really showed his offensive ability.  With this Combine team, Purdie shows a fluid shot-making ability, has great size for his age, creates well with his dribble, and can step up when needed. Just earned his first offer and could be a name that only continues to rise.

2025 Darnerian Gibson (WS Christian): Gibson was fun to watch, as the point guard really showed that he has those floor general intangibles in running the show.  The young guard really played with great awareness on the floor, reading the floor, pushing in transition, was able to create and get inside the defense, and really making terrific passes in finding the open man.  Really do like his quickness and scrappiness on the court, as Gibson is a rising point guard that did a solid job in helping run the team.  Watch out for him to have an even bigger impact as the season goes on.

2025 Tre McKinnon (Lake Norman): McKinnon continues to be a name that quickly attracts your eyes with his length, his size, and his potential in his game.  McKinnon had a good summer and seemed to be making the right steps in his game as he flourishes as a prospect.  But there is still so much potential in his game and when it all comes together, he should be a name that continues to garner attention from college coaches.  He checks off the eye test with his length, his 6’5 frame, and his athleticism, so it will be interesting to see how he continues to evolve this season.

2025 Chadlyn Traylor (West Charlotte): Traylor is a guard that we only think is going to rise up the rankings even more and really become a name not only in North Carolina more but more on a national scale.  He is now standing at 6’3, has big-time experience already at his age, and his game really flashes with his decision-making, his IQ, his playmaking, and his ability to bring a balanced scoring presence as well. Such a smooth guard that should only continue to get better.

2025 KJ Younger (Weddington): Younger is a name that we kind of stumbled upon.  Though he may not be a name you know of yet, you may want to put him down for down the road.  But watching Younger in action, he is a sturdy 6’5 prospect that plays hard, embraces contact and battles all over the court. He finished well inside around the basket, stepped out at times to knock down shots, and is relentless with his motor.  Also really was impressed with his leadership as a young player.  Make sure to write his name down.

2025 Chris Rivens (Covenant Day): With the talent that Covenant Day lost from last year, Rivens should be one of the clear leaders for his high school team.  He showed that in Week 1 with his smooth feel, his ability to score the ball effectively, and has a good frame and size at his age.  This is a young guard that has a chance to really make his presence felt this year and will be counted on stepping up offensively in leading the charge.  He has shown that before and will look to do so again.