In basketball, every player develops at their own pace. Specifically physical attributes, from size, muscle definition, and even athleticism, it’s equally as likely for a player to be capped out in eighth grade as hitting their progression as a senior in high school. It’s unpredictable, but absolutely part of the process. Take someone like Kevon Vanderhorst, who was physically underdeveloped last year and unable to truly maximize his identity until now. Since then, his abilities as a leader and two-way floor general have been nothing short of impressive. Throughout the travel ball season, Vanderhorst found himself in a position as a focal point for Team Loaded and never looked back.

The floor general is smart, unselfish, and offers a very balanced presence on either side of the ball. He’s a timely passer with quality vision and a willingness to find the best possible play and set up others with consistency. Vanderhorst has shown the ability to score with efficiency from all levels, but looks to prioritize running a team with poise above all else. He’s also proven to be a reliable defender and heady transition player with the combination of IQ, decision-making, and speed in the open floor to overwhelm opposing guards. Vanderhorst has made clear strides over the last calendar year, and his continued progression will be something for college coaches to monitor.