Stay Positive Game Recap

Court: 1                                             

Time: 1:40 pm Game

Final Score:  CP3 82, High Point Havoc 77

Leading Scorers:

CP3: Tristan Maxwell 18, Christian Hampton 15

HP Havoc: Khyrie Thompson 15, Matthew Radford 12, Jeremy Butler 16, Jake Ledbetter 16

Player/Game Notes:

CP3 comes in as a national team with high major talent all over the roster. No one told the Havoc though as they gave them all they could handle in the first half. This would continue into the 2nd as CP3 would fall behind 46-42 early in the half. CP3 would make a run as you’d expect a team with this much talent to do and retake the lead with 8 minutes to go and never relinquish it from there. Player notes is as follows:

Matthew Radford, 6’ 2018 G with HP Havoc – Shooters shoot and that’s what this kid did. Whenever he got a look he made the most of it hitting big shots throughout.

Khyrie Thompson, 6’6 2018 W with HP Havoc – Great motor and all around game on this kid. Really competed showing no fear and a ton of heart in the process. Go hard skill type player that belongs at the next level. Makes his team better by being on it.

Tristan Maxwell, 6’2 2020 G with CP3 16U – ACC target flat out gets it done on the floor. The kid can score in anyway you can imagine (and some you can’t) and just has the look/feel of a kid that’s on another level than others. His jumper is picture pretty and has the ability to gain separation whenever he wants it. Add in the expected plus level of athleticism and solid motor and what you get is a kid that will be a difference maker at the next level.

Christian Hampton, 6’ 2020 G with CP3 – Super quick guard with explosive athleticism. Really gets off the floor in a hurry and can score in bunches. Owns a “bye -you” first step as he is past you before you even realize he is gone. Nice with the handles as well.