2023 6’5 combo guard Comeh Emuobor has earned recognition of his play with Phenom Hoops and is quickly making himself a name around the state of North Carolina.  Emuobor checks off a lot of boxes with a tremendous blend of athleticism, IQ, strength, toughness, and a polished game.  He simply can operate in multiple settings offensively, knocking down shots, getting others involved, defend, and rebound well.

At Ravenscroft, Emuobor is going to be quickly attracting the attention of fans around the Raleigh area but he is already attracting the eyes of college coaches, as we reached out to see what is the latest with him.  Furthermore, he discusses his thoughts early on the season, his game, and much more, as we go 1-on-1 with him.

PHR: Hello Emuobor. First offer, how as this season been going for you at Ravenscroft?

Emuobor: It’s been going well; I love my new teammates and my coaches.  We have an underrated team; when it is all said and done, I think we will be a special team.

PHR: How has it been for you as a player?  Kind of a new name but really making your mark.  How has that been early on for you?

Emuobor: I know how much work I’ve been putting in for the past few years; it has been nice getting more recognition but I definitely want to prove to everyone that I’m top in my class.

PHR: How was it playing on a big stage this summer for you?

Emuobor: It was great. I was prepared for it already from playing with Boo Williams 16’s this summer.  Practice against the 17’s all the time, against high-major guys, really helped my game moving forward.

PHR: How would you best describe your game in your eyes?

Emuobor: A two-way guard who impacts the game on both ends of the floor, who has a high motor, who can shoot off the dribble, catch and shoot, and can get to the basketball at any time and a true leader.

PHR: How has your recruitment been going early on?  What schools are showing interest?

Emuobor: The schools that have shown interest so far are Virginia Tech, Harvard, NCCU, Florida, UMass, Houston, and Clemson recently.

PHR: Nice. Curious in what they have been saying in general your way?

Emuobor: All the schools love my energy and how hard I work on the floor?

PHR: Who would you say have been really strong interest so far?

Emuobor: Definitely Virginia Tech and Harvard.

PHR: What have they been saying about what they like and how you can make an impact?

Emuobor: Virginia Tech really emphasizes to me that they are in need of a wing; they like my size and athletic capabilities.  As well as Harvard, the same thing; they really like my game also.

PHR: Anything that stands out to you with any schools showing interest early on?

Emuobor: Harvard and Virginia Tech stand out to me the most right now but I’m exploring all my options right now since it’s so early on.