Photo: Rankings Report

We haven’t seen too much of Devin Brafford’s game yet but that will soon come.  But this past weekend in Rock Hill, we got a chance to sit down and view the young man’s game and there is no doubt, there was talk around what we saw.

First off, Devin is going to get a lot of attention being the younger brother of scoring machine 2022 Nate Brafford and both have similar frames.  Both are extremely long with size and the ability to operate in several areas of the game.  But when you watch Devin’s game and with his slight height advantage over Nate right now, Devin operates more down low and around the paint, showing more of a stretch forward while Nate is looking like a long and lengthy guard out on the court.

Devin though moves well and runs the floor while using his length and size to his advantage to be a factor on both sides of the floor. Can block shots and be disruptive defensively while also being a forward that can step outside with a longer shot-release and nice hands.  Being so young and how his older brother operates on the floor, it is going to be interesting to watch the development of Brafford and where he might be most effective on the floor. 

But there is one thing for sure, Brafford is already on the radar for college coaches and should be one that many will want to watch as he gets older, stronger, and develops his overall feel.