2025 Hayden Assemian (CP3)

Assemian is a player that I continue to be impressed with but still think he is a bit underrated as a national prospect and with college programs. Holding a few offers already, Assemian should be a target for many programs with what he provides on the court.  When you talk about his game, this is one of the most physical forwards in the region. He bullies his opponents on the boards, he finishes well through contact, and simply overpowers so many defenders.  And there is room for even more growth in his game, which makes him only even more intriguing.  Assemian though should be a hot target for college coaches this summer in a big way.

2025 Chris Eagan (Team Curry)

It had been a little bit of time since seeing Eagan on the court, so we were excited to see what he could show.  Throughout the weekend though, he was one that opened up more eyes in how he has continued to develop his game.  Eagan has some of the best footwork in North Carolina for 2025 and that continues to be on display, but he showed more of his demand of the ball inside, his ability to post up strong and finish over his shoulder, his nice touch around the basket, and his ability to be stronger on the boards.  Eagan is one that has a lot to like, and he would be one to really keep an eye on in the Class of 2025 here in North Carolina more.

2025 Jordan Watford (Upward Stars)

Watford is one that I truly enjoy watching and though there is room still in his game to work on, there are other factors in his game that you simply can’t teach and you have to notice.  He is a leader on the court, and is one that can be used in a variety of ways.  He shows the understanding of using his size to finish around the basket well, but also help in running the offense at times; a lot of versatility to like.  Watford continues to be strong in getting downhill, helping on the glass, being that vocal leader, and one that can guard multiple positions; all of this is done at a high level. And if he continues to progress in other areas of his game, his recruitment should continue to take off.

2025 John Lash (CP3)

Lash is one that goes under the radar for what he provides; he simply works hard, battles on the court, does what is needed for his team, and produces in a big way.  Though he may not flashy, he brings a strong presence all around the court.  Coming off a season in which he was a double-double machine, Lash just outworks his opponents, creates second-chance points, attacks the boards, and finishes tough through defenders.  He is one that has a bright future in baseball but is continuing to show that he can be a productive weapon on the court, so it is time to take notice.

2024 Michael Marcus (Upward Stars)

The growth of Marcus over the years has been impressive, and you can see that he only continues to get stronger and better with his overall feel.  When watching him on the floor at the Phenom MDC, it was easy to see why more schools have been making him a target. He has the physical frame that you like, he moves well and has soft touch around the basket, showcases his ability to step out as well, and is one that still has room for growth. He should only earn more eyes his way this summer and in the upcoming high school season.