The Hoop State League has kicked off and Week 1 was off the charts, but we still have several weeks ahead that you and college coaches will not want to miss. We have been taking notes early on and we can tell you, there are a few players in the Class of 2023 that should garner more attention. Here are four more players to look out for more and should be bigger priorities this upcoming high school season.

2023 Zion McDuffie (Butler): It seems that programs are starting to catch on about McDuffie but he could be a target for many others as he will look to be one of the leaders at Butler.  We already know that the 6’4 prospect is extremely athletic and explosive, finishing strong at the rim and is excellent out in transition.  But he is also showing more of his overall game, displaying that he can step out and knock down shots from multiple levels as well as be a presence on the defensive end.  McDuffie continues to get stronger and add more to his game, which should only entice more programs his way.

2023 Ollie Alford (West Charlotte): Alford was one of a few 2023 prospects that captured our eyes in Week 1 at the Hoop State League, and he could be one that programs start looking at more.  Here is what we said after the event: “Alford was the one that captured my eyes with how effective he was on both sides of the court. Really can get after it defensively, getting in defenders and creating havoc, but also played well in pushing in transition, finding his own shot, playing off the ball, and scoring from multiple levels.” Alford plays with composure on the court, can make his presence felt on both sides of the floor, and finds ways to not only score the ball but be a playmaker on the court. One to keep an eye on.

2023 Avion Pinner (Concord Academy): It has been a little bit since seeing Pinner in action but it was great to see the versatile, athletic prospect in action as he will be looking to make even more noise with his new team at Concord Academy this upcoming season.  But what we saw on the court was an athletic, hard-working, versatile, high-riser prospect that was finishing time after time at the rim, running the floor in transition, moving and defending well, and bringing that tough mentality to the court.  Highly impressive from Pinner and he could be an even bigger factor for his high school team this year.  Should be getting more looks if he continues to play as he did in Week 1.

2023 Michael Wilson (Metrolina Christian): Wilson is a 6’6 prospect that has only continued to get stronger and added more to his game.  Now, as a senior, he is looking to be the clear leader on the floor and is ready to handle the load.  Wilson is a skilled prospect that has touch, can operate from inside and out, and really can space the floor well.  He can create matchup problems on the court for opponents, but also makes his impact felt in a variety of other ways.  Wilson plays hard, has a good feel for the game, and does what is needed for his team to win games.