The Lewis Basketball Academy was a great event that allowed players of all ages to come to compete and develop their game.  Players were able to get better throughout the weekend but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t allow us as scouts to find a few intriguing prospects around the state.

And we got our first glimpse of two new young guys that will certainly have the attention of other teams and college coaches this upcoming season.  2024 7’0 Daniel Mbaeteka and 2024 7’1 Harold Lee will be the “two towers” this year helping lead the charge at Northwood Temple Academy. 

Right off the bat, you quickly recognize their size, both standing at 7-foot.  But when you are looking at young bigs, you try to find the little things in their game to see how they may fare. Many times, bigs take longer to develop than guards but when it starts to click, it can be a special thing for a player at that size.  Though it was during a training camp, you see those flashes that have to intrigue you and excited about the future.  With Mbaeteka, he is a big, strong-framed big that moves well on the floor, has a good feel and understanding of how to operate with his back to the basket and in the low post, and can be a bruising prospect on the boards; he had a good feel, solid footwork, and a nice array of moves/touch in the paint.  For Lee, he is more of the athletic forward that brings explosion to the table and was finishing at the rim time after time; he was at his best when getting at the rim and using that size. 

Again, we do understand the atmosphere in that we were able to view these two big men, and things have to translate more to live-game action this high school season.  Furthermore, there are still areas of improvement that both can make as they learn more about the game at Northwood Temple Academy.  But from the limited action we were able to see, and the “flashes” that you saw in certain moments, these two 7-footers should have the attention of many and what they could possibly be at the next level.

So make sure you check out Northwood Temple Academy and the “two towers” this year.