Kobe Edwards

2026 6’0 Kobe Edwards (Greenfield): Edwards was one of the most impressive freshmen that I saw at the event; I was blown away by what I saw and I’m very excited to see how he continues to develop his game.  But the 6’0 point guard was electric with the ball in his hands, showing his speed, his ability to create, and most importantly, his understanding of the game.  He is a young guard that wants the ball in his hands; he wants to be the one making the plays.  Edwards displayed a tremendous ability in being able to create off the dribble, tremendous handles, and knowing how to create for himself. But he also showed a tremendous knowledge of the game at a young age.  He is a long 6’0 guard with size 12 shoes already… it will be interesting to see how much he continues to grow. But right now, he has shown that he looks to be one of the premier guards in the class of 2026 early on.

2026 6’1 Chaise Smith (Washington): Getting a small sample size of his game at our Phenom Freshman 40 and also hearing a lot of buzz surrounding his game, I was very intrigued in seeing more about his game.  Smith showed why so many were talking about his ability to score the ball, moving all throughout the floor, getting to his spots, showing strong range in his shot-making ability, but also creating off the bounce and making plays downhill. He plays with a great pace and can get up the floor quickly.  And he also has a ton of confidence in his ability to be a scoring asset on the court.

2026 6’5 DeShawn Spellman (Landstown): Though Spellman didn’t have an off-the-charts showing at the event, this is a young freshman that I believe you will only start hearing more about.  It is pretty easy to see when you look at his long 6’5 frame at his age.  And when you watch his game, you see the flashes of what he is capable of being as he develops and gets stronger. He can be a scorer from all three levels, he does a nice job on the defensive end with his length and wingspan and can be a very nice versatile piece on the floor with how can operate.  There is a lot of potential to his game, so he is going to be a name you will want to jot down and watch in the state of Virginia.

2026 6’3 Zaevion Cleveland (Landstown): Another young freshman for Landstown, Cleveland was able to showcase more of his ability to be strong and physical, get downhill and to the rim, and his ability to finish around defenders and with contact.  Cleveland is a nice two-way prospect that helps both offensively in scoring and making plays, but also helping out on the defensive end. He, along with Spellman, should be two great pieces for the future at Landstown and two names that you will want to see more of.

2026 6’0 Jamie Dance (Currituck County): Dance is a new name for me and I see that many haven’t talked about him overall.  But with what I saw at the event, Dance is going to be a name that you will want to write down and monitor how he grows as a player.  The 6’0 guard played hard and was an impact in several areas of the floor for his team. Whether it was bringing a defensive presence, blocking shots and creating havoc, or his ability to make plays out in transition, play with a high IQ, and make those hustle plays, Dance just seemed to make big play after big play.