As Phenom Hoops continues to expand its coverage, we present to you a player that we recently watched and were impressed with his play. 2025 Elzie Harrington from St. John Bosco and Strive for Greatness (AAU) was a player we recently viewed on the EYBL platform and from what we saw, he is one that deserves more attention his way.

When we watched him on the court, Harrington was one that impressed with his blend of size, athleticism, scoring ability, shot-making, and the ability to be a playmaker on the court.  He was able to display good bounce in finishing at the rim, but what really grabbed our attention was his feel, his vision, and his pace with the ball in his hands. Harrington does an excellent job in penetrating, getting to his spots, and either finding his teammates well or finding his shot; he did so at a high level all throughout the game.

After his play, he added an offer from Southern California to his list, as the Trojans join UCLA early on in his recruitment.  We spoke to Harrington shortly after watching him, to dive in a bit more of everything going on; check him out in our Phenom 1-on-1.

Phenom 1-on-1:

Phenom: What has been going on this summer for you? What have you been wanting to show more about your game and your mindset?
Harrington: Summer ball has been fine. AAU is a lot different than high school basketball, so just getting used to the difference and trying to be able to show my capabilities the best I can. My biggest focus is still on development; putting on weight and shooting the three are the things I’ve been harping on the most.  In terms of what I want to show, I just want to show that I’m a top dog in my class.  I can defend, score, play make, and rebound at a high level when I’m locked in on that stuff. So really just trying to stay engaged and not take a possession off.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game?
Harrington: I feel like I can do everything on the court well. I’m best with the ball in my hands but this year, I’ve worked on playing off the ball as well. I have a nice pace and I like to get to my spots in the mid-range.

Phenom: You received an offer from USC. Thoughts on that program?
Harrington: A great program with lots of good history behind them.  Easy to see why top guards in this senior class decided to commit there.

Phenom: What about UCLA? They were the first to offer you. Thoughts on them?
Harrington: Pretty much the same. They have been the heaviest program recruiting me so far. They have started to develop a good relationship with me and my dad as well.