2019 Rico Williams

This July, Phenom Hoop Report saw several interesting prospects take the court, especially ones that we have seen before.' However, it also gives us a chance to check out new prospects and one prospect at the CP3 Live event really stood out and could be the next star in North Carolina.

Rico Williams, a 6'7, 2019 prospect that will be playing at Kinston High School is a name we are firmly confident that will catch on throughout the state of North Carolina.' At CP3 Live, he showed how versatile he can be, even standing around 6'7.

When playing for the NC Lakers and with players in his class, he can play in the post but his game might translate more to a small forward down the road.

Williams has a solid frame already, can really get up and down the court, handle the ball at times, and has an under the radar type vision on the court.' His athleticism is absolutely off the charts for his age and in the open court, watch out because he certainly will be throwing it down with authority.' He also does a really good job on the boards but one can see that his offensive game certainly has room to develop.

Phenom Hoop and publisher of AllStar Preps, Jason Porter, who was at the event in Winston-Salem also, had this to say about him.

'Kinston has put out some big time ballers over the years and looks to have another one in the works in the impressive looking Williams. He is easily one of the more impressive players here physically as he has a great body on him right now. He looks on the brink of a breakout but is not there just yet. He is an easy riser, dunks with authority, and grabs rebounds all day. We see the promise of wing ability here but is going to have to continue to work on that part of his game. Nice motor on this kid though and as long as he has that working to go along with his strength this kid is going to be just fine. Look for him to be one of the stars in the class of 2019 for NC before too long.'

Kinston just recently had their own Brandon Ingram head to the NBA, but the program could be looking at another future prospect that has the full potential to be a star in the state of North Carolina down the road.

As of right now, Williams has been hearing from programs like VMI, NC Central, Georgia State, Tennessee State, and College of Charleston but that list could dramatically increase in the coming months for this intriguing prospect.

You have been warned!

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