Phenom Hoops was able to sit down and enjoy the annual scrimmage between Oak Hill Academy and Hargrave Military, bringing two of the top programs together to really get the season started. Playing two halves and then a 3rd 10-minute scrimmage, we wanted to bring you a few standouts for each team, first looking at Oak Hill.

2022 6’8 Jalen Reed

We got a chance to see the potential that Reed had last year, as you can see what Rick Lewis had to say about him here: Click Here

But now, he was able to show just how dangerous he can be with his versatility, his skill set, ability to play multiple positions, his handles from the perimeter, and ability to impact the game at multiple positions.  What really captured our attention was how he could operate by putting the ball on the deck and creating for himself.  Reed showed that he can play and be used at multiple positions when needed for Oak Hill, from initiating the offense to playing the five down low; he did it all vs. Hargrave.

2023 6’4 Caleb Foster

It was interesting to see what Foster could provide for the Oak Hill program and he simply didn’t miss a beat from what he showed this summer.  Foster did a tremendous job once again leading and initiating the offense, playing with a great pace and feel, finding his teammates for easy baskets but also knocking down shots when called upon.  He also did a great job of creating some havoc on the defensive end, really being active on both ends. Foster showed how much of an impact he can have on a team and this should only be the start for this young man at Oak Hill. He came up big late with a few tough finishes through contact.

2021 6’6 Jalen Ricks

Ricks always seemed to be making some type of play, whether it was on offense, using his length to his advantage and scoring or getting after it on the defensive end as well.  Ricks is a long prospect that showed a tremendous motor and energy, using his athleticism and length to his advantage. 

Honorable Mention:

2022 6’8 Judah Egbo

It is going to be interesting to watch what Egbo will be able to provide for this team.  What he does provide immediately is a forward that brings athleticism and the ability to block shots or get on the boards.  He also had moments of showing how he can finish at the rim. Brought tremendous energy to the floor.

2024 6’2 Tybo Bailey

Even though Bailey had some moments of showing his youth, I was actually impressed with how the young prospect handled himself for the most part.  He was active on both ends, creating steals defensively but also being active on the offensive end.  There were things that you can see that he will continue to work on but overall, I think he had a strong showing for the amount of playing time he received.