By; Chris Sause

6’0 2021 Shane Patterson (NC Ice)- Shane is a player who I’ve seen for a couple years now and every time out you know what you can consistently count on from him. Shane is a bit of a smaller off ball guard leaving something to be desired when it comes to his athleticism. But that never stops him from producing on both ends. Shane shoots the ball at a high level, passes well, handles it well enough to get to his spots on offense, has a very high IQ, and competes on the defensive side. Shane is a player that I believe will start to gain some interest from lower level schools and could be a really good get for somebody. 

6’2 2021 LJ Johnson (Team Synergy)- there a few things about LJ’s game that no doubt translate to next level. The ability to shoot the ball, and how well he communicates on offense and defense. If he continues to grow and improves his game off the bounce LJ could develop into a nice prospect. 

6’3 2021 Ryan Roberts (NC Ice)- Ryan has always been a player known for his ability to shoot the ball but he has improved his ability to score off the bounce drastically. Ryan uses his ability to shoot to his advantage because when he gets run off the 3 point line by over aggressive close outs he can attack them now. Ryan is one to track especially as he continues to steadily improve.

6’5 2020 David Roseboro (Charlotte Nets)- David is an interesting player because he doesn’t have any one true position. He plays on the block for his team but shows the ability to push the break and finish around the rim. David is a good athlete with soft hands who seemed to finish everything inside 5 feet. As David continues to tighten his handle he could really be player to watch. 

6’4 2020 DeAngelo Patterson (Charlotte Sharp shooters)- DeAngelo is a very athletic wing player who rebounds and the ball at a high level. DeAngelo was athletic and strong to get where he wanted to on offense. I just wanted to see him being more aggressive to the basket at points I felt like he was a little too unselfish but that is a problem I would rather him have than the alternative. Once it starts to click for Patterson he could be a real problem. 

6’2 2019 Shaleek Campbell (EA Prep)- Shaleek used his handle and body to get to the rim a ton in this game. He lived at the rim and the free throw line. He was able to beat his defender off the bounce several times and when he was at the rim he was very efficient. Shaleek was a big part of his teams success today.

6’4 2021 Glen Bynum Jr (Team Charlotte)- Glen is a player that’s just solid in every way. He is the true jack of all trades player with a great skill set. Glen is a player that can fit into any system and give you exactly what you need because of his length, versatility, and skill set. Glen is definitely a guy who should play at the next level and it’s easy to see why.

6’0 2021 Javian Cannady (Team Charlotte)- Javian is a player who is just starting to scratch the surface of his full potential. He is as quick as anybody in the state with the ball in his hands and this allows him to get wherever he wants on the court whenever he wants to. He displays good vision and when he wants to be a high level defender. The next step for Cannady is learning to pick his spots and shoot the ball a little more efficiently. Being a 2021 he will have plenty of time to improve on those things and is definitely one to track.