#2 4’11 2023 Jaden Dodd: Eastern Guildford High School

Dodd was able to affect all facets of the game, he’s a guard prospect with IQ and the ability to apply constant pressure on both ends of the floor.  Even with Dodd being on the smaller side he was still able to finish in the lane amongst the trees and showcased reliable shooting stroke from midrange and well beyond three-point territory. His court vision and passing abilities stood out as well with further growth he should be one to watch out for in Guilford county in the future.

#54 6’2 2021 Max Rogers: Asheville Christian Academy

Rogers has the ability to really stretch the floor and make plays with the ball in his hands, he’s also smart and doesn’t take to many risks so he limits turnovers. He is able to put the ball on the floor and create for others. Rogers is also one of the better athletes in the 2021 class who can also thrive in an up and down game with above the rim ability.

#65 6’2 2021 Javonte Waverly: Henderson Collegiate

It’s easy to see why Waverly is one of the top guards in North Carolina he is a tough hard nose kid with an amazing skill set. He is known to have some of the best passing skills in NC, but I loved seeing him being extra aggressive on the offensive end of the court attacking the basket and finishing through contact. Defensively he was just as impressive Waverly has a nice sturdy build with a long wingspan who loves the challenge of guarding the best perimeter player. Looking for him to have a big-time year and leading Henderson Collegiate to a State Championship.

#92 6’4 2021 Akhiris Holden: Henderson Collegiate

I have heard about this young and how athletic he is and everything I heard is the truth. Akhiris is worth a cameraman to be at the gym because this young man is a highlight waiting to happen. He is a long wiry wing prospect who impacts game either through a big-time dunk or block I personally think he should garner college attention alone just off what he does on the defensive end of the court.  Holden was one of the top game-changers I saw at the event one to watch going forward.

#110 6’9 2021 Keeyan Itejere: Grace Christian School

I believe this time next year his offer list will be unreal! If you’re on a fast break your best bet is to be way out in front or have intentions of dunking the ball and even, then it may get blocked because Itejere is a human fly swatter. It’s not just on a fast break but his timing on blocking shots even in the half-court setting is amazing. What’s also intriguing about Itejere he can guard some quicker players out on the perimeter. Offensively he is getting better and once it all clicks he will jump to another level. Keeyan was able to display some good highlight moments on the offensive end taking rebounds coast to coast to finish and punish the rim.

#111 6’9 2021 Kuluel Mading: The Burlington School

Mading growth from his sophomore year until now has been tremendous! He brings the intrigue to the table with his size and ability and room for even more growth should make a hot commodity going forward. This weekend he showed his improved ball-handling and shooting ability. He also may have had the highlight of the day with poster dunk. Defensively he was able to use his amazing length to block or alter numerous shoots in the lane. Mading is a key ingredient in helping TBS making a state championship run.

#78 6’3 2020 Jackeem Herbin: The Burlington School

Herbin can get you buckets from multiple areas on the floor in a variety of ways, and overall just has a pit bull mentality. He has a solid all-around game his playmaking ability was impressive in one game I heard him commenting he was going for 20 assists.  Herbin also attacks the rim frequently and shows the ability to finish through or around contact, given his toughness and creativity at the rim. Based off some of the chatter in the gym he caught the eye of a few coaches in attendance.

#103 6’5 2021 Isaiah Ray: The Burlington School

Ray is a young man any team would love to have long limbs locks in on defense plays his role and doesn’t force the issue. He stepped up his scoring to help his team showing that he can be a very aggressive averaged 20 points for the day and was the 5th leading scorer.  He can switch and play multiple positions on the floor, but also showcased his ability to handle the ball.

He is the 3rd member of The Burlington School who was in attendance and I will say about that is if you play them it’s going to be pick your poison because they are LOADED!

#89 6’4 2020 Austin Locklear: Cape Fear Christian Academy

Locklear is a very confident BUCKET!  I love to see when hard work pays off. Last year people were saying he was just an athletic slasher. The 2019 version of Austin is way better than that he can heat up quickly and before you know it he has 15 or so points. Austin made big shots all day long and was one of the main reasons for his camp team having the success that they had.

#66 6’2 2020 Alston G Hickman II:  Terry Sanford High School

Hickman is a smooth wing guard that did a great job controlling the tempo and picking his spots, scoring the ball in an efficient manner.  He was able to play either guard spot on the floor, bringing a high level of versatility and showcasing himself as a scholarship level prospect. In previous outing, I saw Hickman he was mostly spotting up for jumpers today he had a mixed bag of treats of pull up jumpers attacking the basket while still showing off his catch and shoot ability.