Jason Reid ' WCBA Elite Blue 14U

  • Young man with a chance.' Nice looking shot and showed his vision on the court with a beautiful no look pass to start the day.' Works well finding ways to score in an array of ways, finishing with both hands, in the lane, and knocking down the three ball.' In the second game, he scored 20 points and what impresses us is his ability to create.' Nothing flashy, just productive and has a deadly crossover at times.

Zaewuan Baines – VA All Stars 14U

  • Quick guard that worked well on the court when he attacked the basket.' Would like to finish a little stronger at the rim but nice size and length to him as a young guard that could only get taller.

Tee Bryan – VA All Stars 14U

  • Young man was solid playing down low in the post.' Showed tremendous intensity down low in the paint, finished strong, and ran the floor well.' Played really well, up in your face defense as well.

Treyvon Ferrell ' Garner Road Creecy

  • Ferrell really displayed his overall athletic ability and did he show it ever in some highlight type dunks.' And he is only a point guard.' He really put his talents on display in Game 1 at Northwest.' He will is a Garner prospect and should be another guard to watch for the Trojans.' Only a 2018 kid.

Elliott Greenwade ' Garner Road Creecy

  • Greenwade played for Southeast Raleigh JV and should be one to watch in the Raleigh area.' 6'6 prospect that has some upside to him.' Played several positions but with him being a junior this coming year, he still has room to grow.' Scored 15 points in Game 1.

Demarcus Taylor ' Garner Road Creecy

  • Overall, just was impressed at his play as a guard.' Understood the game, strong with the ball, attacked when he needed to.' Solid play overall by this young man and one ot keep an eye on.

Jordan 'Marquise' Upward Stars ' X Salt

  • Was a natural scorer against Garner Road.' He has a nice wingspan and plays well one-on-one.' Can score in an array of ways, whether it is at the line, attacking the basket, or shooting the three ball.

Quaizal Ferguson ' Team Winston 14U

  • This young guard played well beyond his years, scoring 27 points and clutch free throws to end the game.' He simply was a scoring machine with a nice release and stroke; confident shooter and confident guard with the ball in his hands

Tyler Young ' Team Winston 14U

  • Can't miss this big man down low.' Still developing his game but he has nice, soft hands around the rim and can use his big frame to create space.' Has a lot of upside if he continues to work and develop his game, as he showed out with 20 points in the win. Class of 2020 prospect

Jaylin Gamble ' Team Felton 16U

  • If a program is looking for a big man with a lot of upside, you should look at Gamble.' He runs the floor well, has an impressive frame, and is strong.' Can still tell he is developing his offensive game.' Solid on the boards though.

Juwan Gary ' Team United 2019

  • This young man is a talent and a Top 25 type player.' Excels in the open court and showed he can't be stopped, great size at 6'6 and growing, and showed a nice looking shot from three, as he is hoping to expand his game.

JC Tharrington ' Team United 2019

  • Need a sharp shooter'' Look no further than this young man on Saturday at Northwest, hitting 8 3-pointers in the win.' Solid point guard as well and understands what he needs to do and what he can do on the court.' 2019 prospect

Malik Beatty ' EA Preps

  • Was the most productive prospect for EA Preps in their tough game against United.' But he plays with a chip on his shoulder, attacks the rim, and looked to score when he could.

Mobley Jordan ' EA Preps

  • He was another shooter from deep in Game 2 for EA Preps.' Even though he is smaller in size, you don't want to leave him open as he made them pay from beyond the arc.

Jake Ledbetter ' Team Felton 14U

  • This young man has remarkable range for such a young prospect.' He was one of a few players that showed they can shoot the long ball and when teams left him open, he will make you pay.' Smooth release, confident shooter.

Kaiden Rice ' Central Carolina Force

  • There is no wonder why programs are keeping an eye on this young man.' He simply could be a mismatch on the court.' He has great size at the wing but is such a versatile player on the court, playing several positions.' In the first game for him, he demonstrated that he can knock down the long ball, hitting 6 3-pointers and finishing with 30 points.' Couldn't be stopped.

Jordan Roberson ' NC Court Kings

  • Rice wasn't the only shooter in the game, as Roberson matched his 6 3-pointers and was the main true threat whenever he had the ball in his hands.' He did his damage though beyond the arc with confidence and a smooth release.

Kip Green ' Spectrum

  • Young man is only a 2020 prospect but his size doesn't say that.' He has the body of a football player but possesses positive skill set that really could translate down the road.' He has the size to body anyone down low in the post and has nice hands around the basket.

Alex Fitch (2019), Julien Wooden (2019), and Nick Price (2018) ' Spectrum Wheeler

  • All three had their strengths and still are so young.' Fitch shot the ball lights out, hitting 6 3's in the game.' Julien is a 6'5 post player that has tremendous upside and plays solid down low in the post, just needs to get a little stronger and could be a force.' Price was also a solid guard with an array of offensive ability and nice speed.' Three Roanoke players that people need to pay attention to for sure.

Nate Springs ' Carolina Preps

  • If you want length, Springs gives it to you at 6'11.' Right now, still needs to develop offensively but you can't teach height and wingspan, which makes for a terrific shot blocker/ disrupter and rebounder.' He has shown his ability to make the outside shot though, which can only make college coaches salivate at times.

Jaeylin Withers ' Carolina Preps

  • Already stands at 6'5 or 6'6, he is explosive to the basket and uses his length so that opponents can't disrupt it.' Really like the upside of this young man.

Justus Day ' Storm Elite

  • It was late in the day and players were tired but Day's confidence shooting the long ball was spot on.' He really has a beautiful release and his confidence continued to grow with every shot.' He captured the eyes late at Northwest.

Deshone Hicks ' Save Sports

  • Small guard got it done in their final game of the evening.' Scored 24 points in the win and showed a unique way to score.' Really was able to show that he can finish under distress and contact, while hitting the three.

Jordan Beale ' Save Sports

  • Phenom Hoops has been high on this kid and he didn't disappoint.' Might have had a quiet 15 points but when he scored, you certainly saw the flashes that we have seen over the last several events.

Naquan Williams-Day ' 6th Man Warriors

  • This kid has simply been unstoppable every time I have seen him on the court and he proved it again.' This young man is just a natural scorer and does it everywhere on the court.' Defenders just can't seem to stop him and scored on all three levels.

Joshua Hightower ' 6th Man Warriors

  • He was one of two natural scorers at the end of the day for 6th Man Warriors.' He really showed that programs might need to take a look at this senior and could be a nice steal.' Scored 26 points, hitting three's with confidence and made plays all night long.