We have often heard that behavior at youth sports is getting out of control. It doesn’t matter the sport, poor sportsmanship and unruly behavior have become the norm. Each weekend at various sporting events, fans have become more and more aggressive and abusive in their language and behavior toward officials, players and other spectators. Back in 2018, we wrote an article “Where did you get these refs?” https://phenomhoopreport.com/where-did-you-get-these-refs-2018/

Fast forward to 2020, the same arguments are being made. It doesn’t matter if it’s the NBA, NCAA, high school basketball or travel/club basketball, the biggest criticisms will be the officials. To put it bluntly, the behavior at youth sporting events is out of control. That being said, the City of Rock Hill will be addressing this issue. We have been informed by the City of Rock Hill on the following: “All basketball events/games at the Rock Hill Sports & Event Center will be required to use South Carolina Certified Officials through District 3. All officials will be required to fill out an incident report form involving any fights or ejections involving players, coaches, or spectators. These forms will be turned into the city and a copy of these forms can be obtained upon request. If an official requests removal of an individual it MUST be honored by the Event Organization.”

In other words, the City of Rock Hill is no longer going to tolerate abusive language, profanity, and poor sportsmanship by players, coaches, or fans. In lieu of previous fights and unruly sportsmanship, the City of Rock Hill will prohibit players, coaches, parents and teams from attending future events at the Rock Hill Sports and Event Center. The choice is yours. If you wish to play at a beautiful facility like the Rock Hill Sports & Event Center, you better display good sportsmanship. If not, players, coaches, fans, and teams can be barred from participating in future events. Drastic measures, yes, but long overdue.