By: Khalil Shakir

Shakir sat baseline all throughout the weekend, covering a ton of talent. There were several names that stood out to him, which can be found in our previous articles. But here are his Top-10 guys from the weekend in Rock Hill. Check out the impressive list.

Photo Courtesy: Cameron Frazier (HoopState Network)

Mint Hill Lakers Elite 17U Khalil Brantley (2021) was phenomenal all weekend. Really high scoring guard with the handle, craftiness, and skill to be a really good player at the next level. His range on his jumper is tremendous as he dropped threes from all over the court. Very hard to stay in front of and seemed almost unguardable. He is a name that Division 1 Colleges should definitely have on their list. More offers will be coming in for him after this weekend! Already holds high-level Division 1 offers.

6’7 Nolan Hodge of NC Gators 2022 has played well this weekend. Long, wiry, and smooth athlete who gets into the lane well and gets to the free-throw line. Has the ability to handle the ball and uses that to get to his spots on the floor. He uses his length to his advantage defensively getting a hand in the passing lanes. A patient player who plays at his own pace, never gets sped up. Really good first step off the catch and has the ability to pull up from midrange. Shoots it well off the catch from three. Plays very well in transition and finishes through contact. Smart player who takes care of the ball and makes the right decisions.

6’7 Toby Harris of Carolina Flyers 17U is a Division 1 player, doing it all on both ends of the court and has had a great weekend. Has had a few games where he was close to having a triple-double. Can really shoot the ball and handles the ball well for his size. Really gets to his spots and knocks down open and contested shots. Can play and guard multiple positions and his length makes it hard for players to score against him. Also, he positions himself well to rebound well on both ends of the floor. Really smart player who has a great feel for the game. Has a ton of potential and will be a Division 1 player.

6’6 Austin Ball of WV Generals 2022 is a long active and athletic defender with great hands. Uses his length well to disrupt passes and block shots. Played well in transition and looked to finish at and above the rim, had a few big dunks. Invites contact and lives at the free-throw line. Can shoot the ball well off of the catch and showed a consistent range from three. Attacked the boards with intensity and rebounded at a high rate for his size. Has the potential to play multiple positions. College Coaches should definitely take notice!

7’0 Christian Reeves (2022) of Charlotte Nets 2020 will be a high-level Division 1 prospect. Moves extremely well and is very fluid for his height. Rebounds the ball very well and protects the rim, everything you want out of a post player. Has a nice touch around the rim and draws contact. His length allows him to control the paint with ease. As he continues to develop his game and body look for the offers to pour in. Already holds USF and Houston Baptist offers.

6’10 Roman Tut of WV Generals 2022 moved exceptionally well for his size. Handled the ball well and pushed it fast in transition. Really long and athletic and is really active on the defensive end. Attacked the rim hard and finished well and consistently. Also showed the ability to hit mid-range jumpers. Easy to say with the way he moved, handled the ball, and rebounded that he will be a Division 1 player. He has the potential to be a great player at the next level.

6’5 Leslie Owens Jr. of PSB Charlotte Larkin 16U has a pretty good frame and body with a long strong build. Really attacked the basket well and invited contact consistently; lived at the free-throw line. Shot the ball well from the midrange with a good pullup jumper. Can play as an undersized big due to his ability to rebound and pass out of the post but plays his best from the wing. Handled the ball well and even played as the point guard some this weekend. Scholarship- Level Player

6’3 Silas Demary Jr of Raleigh’s Finest DCBC 16U was impressive this weekend. Attacked the rim relentlessly and finished through contact; lived at the free throw line. Handled the ball well and really created for himself and teammates. Showed that he could shoot both off the catch and off the dribble. Scored really well from all three levels of the court. Played really smart and took care of the ball. Played really good off ball defense and racked up steals. Has the frame and body that will develop! Has a must win dog mentality and will do any and everything to get his team the win.

6’8 Josiah Dow of Mint Hill Lakers 17U is a good down low. Has the body, strength and physicality that you look for in a post player. Showed the ability to play with his back to the basket with a soft touch around the rim. Attacked the boards hard and rebounded very well on both ends. Showed some athleticism as well as he threw down a few dunks. Also showed that he can knock down the open three off the catch. Really good player in Pick and Roll situations. Has a good feel for the game and is very efficient. Will be a Division 1 Prospect.

6’4 Dontavious Pettaway of Raising Young Men 16U had an impressive weekend. Shot the ball well and really got inside the lane. Really active and long defender that has the athleticism and quickness to pick up 94 ft. Plays extremely well in transition and has the athleticism to finish above the rim. Scored from all three levels of the floor, but really thrived in the lane and on the free throw line. Also showed the ability to create for his teammates. College Coaches need to pay attention to this kid, he will definitely be a good one.