6’7 Earl Burgess of Team 864 17U is definitely underrated; a productive, very efficient, low-maintenance type of player that has really played well this weekend. Great frame and body, Long and active player who rebounds on both sides of the ball. Dominates around the rim and scores through contact. Physical player with a good touch that allows him to be really productive in the paint. Uses his length and body to defend multiple positions. Plays very hard, runs the floor, and finds a way to be in the right spot. Very coachable guy with good potential and upside. Scholarship-Level Player!

6’1 Cole Sinclair of Durham Hurricanes 17U was very impressive this weekend and really turned some heads. Really scored the ball at a high level and showed that he could do so effectively from all three levels. Used a combination of his handle, strength, and quickness to get to his spots and produce. Gets to the basket with ease and really creates contact, living at the free throw line all weekend. Very quick guard with great change of pace who is very hard to stay in front of.

6’3 Umar Lawson of Upward Stars Pee Dee 17U should be a D2 priority with the way he eats from inside the paint and defends. Dude has been electrifying this weekend showing that he is one of the more athletic kids in South Carolina. Has the body frame and athleticism that allows him to punish the rim relentlessly. Best thing to see about him is the pride and willingness to defend 94 feet and keep guards in front. Showed the ability to guard multiple positions effectively. Handles the ball well enough to get to where he wants and has the vision and ability to create for his teammates. 

6’5 Collin Tanner (2022) of Team ELE 17U is a very intriguing prospect. Has a great body and frame with good length that he really uses to his advantage. Has the handle and mobility to get to his spots and has a great in between game; showed a great pullup midrange jumper. Really runs the floor to fill the lanes in transition and explodes on his finishes, having a few impressive dunks. Is very athletic and is evident in the eye catching things you see when watching him play. Versatile player, will be one to keep an eye on as he continues to develop his game. 

6’7 Saiquone Harris of Juice All-Star Stephenson 17U is a super versatile player with a great body and build. Probably one of the more versatile that I’ve seen this weekend. Handles the ball well for his size and can play multiple positions; very fluid and is extremely mobile. Gets to the rim whenever he wants and consistently finishes. Showed the ability to rebound and push the ball in transition as well. Creates contact and lives at the free throw line. Showed his athleticism as well throwing down a few impressive dunks and blocking shots. Has the ability to defend both wings and forwards effectively.

6’9 Jai Smith of Tea Marie 17U is going to blow up very very soon, the kid can flat out play. Super fluid at his size and fills up the stat sheet, probably averaging a double double in this tournament. Super athlete who lives on the boards and dominates in the paint. Has a good motor and runs the floor like a horse in transition. Handles the ball well and really attacks the rim relentlessly. Played above the rim and looks to dunk everything on everybody; fearless and attacking mindset. Super coachable kid who is very efficient and will give you whatever you ask for. His stock will definitely shoot up very soon as he is becoming a hot topic this summer. D1 Coaches should be all over him.

6’7 Toby Harris of Carolina Flyers 17U is just a player that you must have on your team. There’s not much to say about this kid that hasn’t already been said. Can really shoot the ball at a very high level from everywhere on the court. Handles the ball well and can really pass; creates very well for his teammates. Very long and extremely versatile player who can defend multiple positions. Rebounds well and has an extremely high IQ. To repeat what I said early this weekend, the kid simply just makes winning plays. College Coaches should be all over this guy.