6'3 Marcus Farley Jr. of Team Together 16U had a great weekend this weekend. He is an effortless scorer that can really heat up and score big numbers. Doesn't force bad shots and really scores within the flow of the offense which allows him to be very productive and efficient. Shoots the ball well of both the catch and dribble. Where he really makes his mark is in the paint. Attacks the rim relentlessly and really finishes; creates contact and really gets to the free throw line. Has a nice IQ that allows him to create for his teammates and make the right pass. Very athletic and really changes speed well. Quick first step allows him to be very hard to stay in front of. College Coaches should definitely look into this kid.  

6'2 Russell Branch of Carolina Pressure 16U was terrific this weekend. Pass-first point guard with a really high IQ that allows him to put his teammates in the perfect position to score. Crafty guard who has great handle which allows him to get by defenders and really get into the lane. Really controls the pace of play for his team and has the ability to change speed at the drop of hat. The best thing about his game to me is the way he takes pride in his defense. Uses his length and quickness to really stay in front of guys and ultimately force turnovers. He is a player that makes the team better and makes winning plays. 

6'3 Alex Olander of Team Thrill NC 15U really showed that he is a very versatile and highly efficient player. He was a do all, be all, play all type of player for his team. Showed the ability to rebound on both ends at a high rate. Handled the ball well and was very effective pushing the ball on the break. Has the body, toughness, and strength to really dominate attacking the basket as he did all weekend. Defend multiple positions and did all the little things needed to win. As he continues to develop and grow, college coaches will begin to be in contact for sure. Has a ton of potential.

6'3 Jeremiah Scales of Team B.O.N.D 16U has the chance to be really good as he continues to develop. This kid is a terrific athlete that knows how to use it. Really attacks the rim hard and explodes on his finishes. Very quick and explosive first step that gets him all the way to the rim; very tough cover for the defense. Has a great body and the strength that he uses to get to his spots and score the ball. Has the ability to score at all three levels on the court. Really thrives in transition and looks to dunk everything.  

6'8 Brayden Crump (2024) of NLPB 16U is ridiculously skilled and has the potential to be a very very good player. Has the necessary skill set that allows him to dominate the game. Has the ability to shoot the ball and knock down open shots at a high level. Has really good footwork to go along with the body and soft touch that allows him to be an almost for sure two points or foul. Also has the ability to handle the ball and attack the rim. Really runs the floor and gets out in transition. He is one of the most skilled athletes I've seen this summer. His stock will continue to rise, for sure Division 1 talent.

6'7 Xiaver Jones of DYSA Kings 17U definitely wins the defensive award for this tournament. Was a monster rim protector this weekend who has extremely great timing to go along with crazy length. Anything and everything around the rim he blocked; if it wasn’t a block, he definitely altered the shot and caused a miss. Block shots at a very high rate and does it outside of his area as well. Rebounds the ball well on both sides of the ball and scored well around the rim. By far one of the most consistent shot blockers I've seen all summer. College coaches needing immediate rim protection, this is your guy!

6'9 Sasha Letino of NLPB 803 16U had a terrific weekend scoring in the paint. Has the height, body, and footwork that allows him to dominate around the basket. Uses his footwork and wide array of moves to keep defenders on their toes down low and in the high post. Has the ability to knock down mid range jumpers and has the skills to be very effective facing up in the post as well. Plays very hard and really looks to attack the boards. On defense, he uses his length and stays vertical which allows him to change shots and be very hard to score on.

5'10 Jonavon Coles of Warriors TBT 2023 can flat out score the ball. Shoots it well but really thrives when attacking the gaps, getting into the lane, and finishing. Has the craftiness to break down defenders and finishes through contact. Uses his quickness and strength to get to the free throw line consistently. Has the ability to score big numbers.Showed that he was a definite leader for his team and was very coachable. As he continues to develop, I look forward to seeing how his game evolves. 

6'7 Edgar Escobedo of CC Elite 2024 Murphy is a star in his role for his team. Extremely long and tall for his age which he uses that to his advantage on both ends of the court. Rebounds the ball well and is great around the basket. Uses his length to be a good rim protector, makes it extremely hard for guys to score on him. Runs the floor well for his size and has pretty good hands. Eager to see how his game develops as he continues to grow and add muscle. Will be one to keep and eye on!

6'5 Maurio Hanson of Flight 9 14U absolutely killed in the paint this weekend, scoring easily around the rim. Gets in a great position to score and is super efficient/ productive. Rebounded the ball well and showed the strength to create contact and to finish. Runs the floor and moves very well for his size and age. Showed the ability to catch the ball on the wing and attack the basket, versatile player! Has a terrific frame and body that can easily add muscle as he grows and develops. Will be one to flag and keep an eye on for sure.