6’6 Sean Rose of Young Gunz (Varsity) is a very impressive prospect with an abundance of potential and upside. He is a super long and wiry athlete who can really produce in the paint. He tends to flourish when around the rim with his soft touch around the rim. He really attacks the boards and comes up with a ton of rebounds. Uses his length to be a good rim protector; changes and blocks shot constantly. Has a nice stroke on his jumper and has shown the ability not only today but through the summer to step out and knock down the open three. 

6’4 LJ Thomas of Bull City Prep CLT is a very intriguing prospect that has a high IQ. He really gets down hill and into the lane with ease. He has a very quick first step that allows him to really get to the basket and finish. He has a knack for changing speeds with the ball which makes him very hard to stay in front of. He is a constant threat to score from all three levels on the court which allows him to also create well for his teammates. Playing on a team full of talent, he clearly stands out as one of their frontrunners! 

6’4 Bishop Boswell of SDC (Varsity) screams potential as you watch him play. He has a great feel for the game at such a young age and plays hard. Can really score the ball from all over and has the patience and poise of a high level guard. He is a really quick player who uses that to cause turnovers on the defensive end. As he continues to grow and develop, he will be one to definitely keep an eye on. 

6’5 Chancelor Morrow of Charlotte Guards (10thGr) has a good mix of skill, athleticism and strength that allows him to be very effective. He really gets out in transition and finishes at and above the rim; he has thrown down a ton of dunks today including one on a defender. He has a long wingspan that allows him to disrupt the offense and constantly get deflections and steals. He has the ability to knock down the open jumpers and is a willing passer. He clearly stands out as the team’s leader and best player. 

5’10 Zion Booker of CLT 2023 has played well so far today and is showing that he can score the basketball in a ton of ways. He has been stroking it from three knocking them down all game. He really uses his quickness to blow by defenders and score in the lane. His quickness also allows him to draw fouls and get to the free throw line. He really pushes the pace for his team and scores in transition. 

6’6 BJ Freeman of Moravion Prep (National) has the perfect blend of size, strength, and athleticism. Has the ability to bull his way into the lane and create contact. He has a good touch on his jumper and can knockdown open shots but his bread and butter is in the paint. He has a unique burst of quickness and strength that allows him to be a tough cover for any defense. He rebounds the ball well and has the handling ability to push it in transition and make the right plays.