6’5 Elton Smith 2026 absolutely screams potential; he has a great body and frame that already translates well to the next level. Being such a young age, he has already established himself as a dominant threat in the paint both offensively and defensively. He rebounds the ball very well on both ends and converts them to easy baskets in transition. He is a versatile player that has displayed the ability to knock down open jumpers and attack the basket from the wing. College Coaches, as he develops and continues to grow, he may be a kid to keep a close eye on.

6’6 Zymicah Wilkins 2025 has a ton of potential and upside that can develop into a big time player. He showcases the ability to be effective in the paint and from the wing as he displayed the ability to handle the ball and get to the basket at will. He rebounds the ball very well and can get downhill and create for both himself and his teammates. Defensively, he has a knack for changing shots around the rim and being long, keeping his hand in the passing lanes. He is another guy that college coaches should keep their eye on. 

6’2 Valerian Bruce 2022 is the ultimate glue guy and is a player that every coach loves. He does all of the little things that translate to winning and plays very hard. He is a long athlete which allows him to be effective in guarding multiple positions. He utilizes a combination of strength and length to get to the basket and draw a numerous amount of fouls. He has the ability to knock down open shots off the catch and also attack and make easy passes to his teammates which lead to easy points. 

5’10 Ziyon Harris-McHam 2025 has been very impressive today. He has consistently been an offensive threat as he has showcased his ability to score in a wide variety of ways. He attacks the basket relentlessly and has the ability to knock down open jumpers. He looks to really get downhill and push the ball in transition creating easy opportunities for himself and the team. Defensively, stays active on the ball and causes a ton of turnovers. He has consistently been one of the more skilled players today. 

6’7 Kanayo Nwosu 2021 has overwhelming natural athleticism that allows him to change the game in an abundance of ways. He operates very well attacking the paint, drawing contact and getting to the free throw line. Using a combination of his athleticism and motor, he comes up with a ton of rebounds and a ton of easy points in transition. He has the length and fluidity to guard multiple positions effectively and is an effective shot blocker for his size. It is very hard to understand why this kid doesn’t have multiple division 2 offers.

5’4 Talan Staley 2026 has been very impressive today. It is very rare that you see a kid at this age possess the IQ and overall understanding of the game he possesses. He was great at creating for his teammates and himself. He controlled the pace for his team and was a floor general all day. He has the ability to create space and knock down jumpers.  As he continues to develop and grow, he has a chance to be one of the top guards in his class.