6’1 Cole Sinclair of Durham Hurricanes 17U was impressive today. Really scored the ball and showed that he could do so effectively from all three levels. Shot the ball very well and uses his handle and quickness to get to his spots. Gets to the basket and really creates contact, got to the free-throw line all game. Very quick guard with great change of pace which allows him to be hard to stay in front of.

6’3 Umar Lawson of Upward Stars Pee Dee 17U really showed that he is super athletic and a lot more skilled than people think. Really attacked the rim and finished through contact. Handles the ball well enough to get to his spots and be very productive. Really explosive athlete who had two very impressive dunks. Really gets out and runs the floor in transition. Has the body and ability to pick up full court. Very versatile who can defend all guard positions.

6’4 Nygell Verdier of Anthony Morrow Elite 17U can really play, loved the way he performed in the last game. Scores the ball both inside and out consistently. Gets to the basket and shows the athleticism to finish above the rim. Crafty finisher who really looks to run out in transition. Long, lengthy frame that allows him to get his hands in the passing lane and disrupt the offense.

6’1 Collin Himmelberg of NC Flyers 17U  has been scorching hot in this last game. Shoots the ball very well and shoots it with confidence. Scored 26 points off of 7 made threes. Really consistent shooter with smooth stroke. Finds the gaps in the defense and takes advantage. Has a high IQ and protects the ball. Low maintenance player with high return. Scholarship-Level Player!

6’5 Collin Tanner (2022) of Team ELE 17U has been impressive today. Showing the ability to attack the basket and finish. Has the handle to get to his spots and has a great in-between game. Has a great pull-up midrange jumper. Really looks to fill the lanes in transition and explodes on his finishes, having a few impressive dunks.  A long and strong frame that will continue to fill out as his body matures. Versatile player will be one to keep an eye on as he continues to develop his game.