6’6 Quenton Flood 2021 is a super versatile wing who simply produces from every position on the court. He possesses the unique ability to impact the game in almost every aspect. He displayed the ability to really rebound the ball and create easy opportunities for himself to score. With the combination of length and athleticism, he has the keen ability to cause turnovers and change shots at the rim. He also showcased the ability to run the floor; he has a high motor which allows him to be very productive on both ends of the court. Already holding four Division 1 offers, look for him to continue to add to that list as he leads the punch for Lower Richland. 

5’10 Xavier Moultrie 2022 is so crafty and plays with a certain confidence you look for from a point guard. He operates very well with the ball in his hand as he has the overwhelming ability to create offense for both himself and his teammates. He possesses the ability to control the pace of play for his teams and has the ability to change speeds at the drop of a hat. He attacks the rim relentlessly and has a great mid-range game. Defensively, he uses his quickness to really hound ball handlers forcing them to turn the ball over. With his combination of speed, IQ, and scoring ability, he has a chance to become a really good point guard. Scholarship Level Player!

6’2 Taevean Famutimi-Brown 2023 has a chance to become a high-level prospect. He has the size, speed, and craftiness that will develop into a very attractive prospect for college coaches. He uses his speed and athleticism to probe gaps in the defense and attack the rim relentlessly. He has the IQ that allows him to find open teammates and put them in the perfect position to score. He thrives in transition where he uses his speed and athleticism to get downhill and attack the basket; he has the explosiveness that allows him to play above the rim. Being that he is young, he has a ton of potential and upside that I look forward to seeing him develop. 

6’8 GG Jackson 2023  has a ton of long-term potential that can leave him being one of the best players to come out of South Carolina. He has a unique blend of size, skill, and an unmatched motor that allows him to take over any game almost instantly. He is a tenacious rebounder which allows him to control the glass on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he can attack you in a wide variety of ways whether it’s from in the paint, mid-post, high post, or the wing. He handles the ball well enough to get to his spots and convert them into easy points. He has great footwork in the post to go along with a sneaky quickness that makes him almost impossible to guard by other post players. He has the versatility to develop into a great stretch four or even a wing at the next level. As highly touted as he already is holding multiple Division 1 offers, I see him become a household name amongst the power five schools as they will compete to land him. 

5’7 Jermaine Nelson Jr. 2022 really runs his team as a floor general. He is a pass-first point guard that has a knack for getting into the paint and creating offense for others. He has the ability to change speeds very well and control the pace of his team. He has the ability to really get downhill in transition and finish at the rim with an array of moves. He also has the ability to knock down open jumpers from both the midrange and three. My favorite part of his game was the pride he took in his defense. He made it personal to keep ball handlers in front of him and force them to turn the ball over. Being so quick, it allowed him to help plug holes in his team’s defense and make up for any mishaps that were had. This kid is a solid point guard and could be a good addition to a college-level program.