6’4 Julius Harrison 2023 has great size and frame accompanied by a good amount of strength which allows him to be terrific attacking and finish at the rim. He has a quick explosive first step that allows him to get defenders on his hip and gives him plenty of opportunities to score in the paint. He has a nice stroke in which he consistently knocks down open jumpers. He is an active defender and plays the passing lanes well. 

6’7 Kanayo Nwosu 2021 has a unique blend of athleticism and length that makes it easy for him to change the game on both the offensive and defensive end. He really attacks the basket and explodes to the rim finish above the defenders. He uses his length to stay in the passing lanes and rack up on steals. He really thrives in transition and is almost a for sure two points. He really rebounds the ball and runs the floor; has a great motor. He has also shown the ability to knock down open jumpers. College Coaches should definitely take interest and recruit him!

6’10 Jonathan Kurtas 2021 has been super impressive so far. He has been one of the best players in the gym and has been dominating. He has great size and length which stands out immediately.  He has a great combination of footwork, skill, and overall feel for the game that makes him a dominant player. Anytime he has caught the ball in the paint it has been two points for his team. Controls the paint both offensively and defensively and comes up with almost every rebound. He is a double-double guy and is a Division 1 Talent! Look for him to be very productive at the next level!

6’6 Kaden Hammonds 2024 has a tremendous amount of potential and upside that can unfold into a scary good prospect. He has terrific size to go along with a unique skill set that makes him a very important piece for his team. He has shown the ability to not only finish at the rim but also shoot it from three; has scored from all three levels. He rebounds the ball well and has the ability to push it in transition. As he continues to grow and develop, college coaches should and will know his name.  

6’1 Jackson Helms 2022 is a terror when attacking the rim. Has a sneaky athleticism and quickness that keeps the defense on their heels. He really looks to get downhill in transition and is a crafty finisher. He is an aggressive defender and is active which causes turnovers and leads to easy buckets for his team. Has the IQ to make the right plays and put his teammates in position to score. 

6’5 Daniel Fulp 2021 has been a defensive force today. He has shown the ability to be a swiss army knife defensively, guarding everything from point guards to the bigs. Offensively, uses his strength to get downhill and attack. Uses his body and physicality to create contact and get to the free-throw line. He has a nice and soft stroke that enables him to knock down open jumpers from mid-range and from three. Versatile player that has the body, skillset, and potential to be a pretty good Scholarship-Level Player. 

6’9 Julius Williams 2021 has been one of the more skilled and versatile players I’ve seen today. At his height, he as the mobility and skill set to take over the game on both ends of the floor. He rebounds well and has the ability to handle the ball and push it in transition. Uses his length and athleticism to finish at the rim consistently. Has a good feel for the game and knows how to put himself in a great position to score. Defensively, he is very active in the passing lanes and looks to get deflections and easy points in transition. College Coaches should take a look at him, which could be a great pickup for their program.