6’3 Sam Cogan ‘22 of Team Together was unbelievable today! He has a great combination of athleticism, quickness, toughness and IQ. He is outstanding with the ball in his hand and operates extremely well when attacking the rim. His ability to get downhill allows him to be able to drive and kick to find open teammates. He rebounds the ball very well for his size and displays a toughness that is unmatched. He scored the ball very well today even putting up 40 points in his last game! This is a guy who has the potential to be a really good player at the next level! College Coaches need to recruit him now. 

6’7 Nygie Stroman ‘21 of RDC Lakers is an absolute workhorse type of player. He is very low maintenance and plays super hard. He is a great rebounder and finds ways to rebound outside of his area. He is super strong inside and is a tougher cover. He also showcased the ability to shoot the ball from 15ft out. He is super active and has a high motor which allows him to be a very productive asset for his team. As he continues to improve his ball skills, he could develop into a nice stretch four at the next level.

6’3 John Templeton ‘24 of Karolina UnderRated put on a scoring clinic today as he led his team offensively all day. His ability to get to the lane and get out in transition was very impressive. He also displayed the ability to get hot and really stroke it from three. He was a super active player and seemed to be all over the floor. His activity on the floor caused a ton of turnovers which allowed him to score easy points on the break. He has the potential to become a good contributor at the next level. 

6’6 Chancellor Morrow ‘22 of The Wonders is a superb athlete who really affects the game in all aspects. He is super long which allows him to be a great help defender; he is a great shot blocker and is phenomenal at playing the passing lanes. He thrives in the paint as he uses his athleticism to finish over defenders and draw contact. He also showed improvement in his jumper as he showcased the ability to shoot it from three. If he continues to improve his jumper he has the potential to be a great player. He has a high motor and runs the floor very well. College Coaches should be taking a look at him.

5’5 Greg Murray ‘25 of CLT1 National-Bruce has an advanced IQ that was on full display all day today. His ability to create for his teammates with the ball in his hands definitely made an impact for his team. He has a knack for putting his teammates in the right position and gets them the ball. Along with his ability to create for his teammates, he also showed the ability to shoot the ball and get to the basket and finish with an array of moves. I look forward to watching him develop over the next few years.