6’5 Mike Herrin of Manzer 17U is long, lengthy, and smooth. Can handle the ball well and gets to the basket very well. Shows ability to score from all three levels; Has a good midrange pull up. Shoots the ball pretty well and can also create for his teammates. Division 2 schools should definitely be recruiting him heavy. Low maintenance guy with great potential. 

6’7 Earl Burgess of Team 864 17U is productive and efficient; does all the right things that you need to win. Rebounds the ball well on both sides of the ball and plays very hard. Has the length to be a good defender and makes it hard for players to score on him. He’s one of those guys who will go in and do whatever you ask of him every night, very coachable kid. Has a good touch around the basket and lives in the paint. Another kid that Division 2 schools should be looking at. 

6’7 Toby Harris of Carolina Flyers 17U is just a player that you must have on your team. Can really shoot the ball from everywhere on the court. Handles the ball well and can pass; creates very well for his teammates. Very long and extremely versatile. Rebounds well and has an extremely high IQ. Kid simply just makes winning plays. College Coaches should be all over this guy. 

6’5 Lucas Heckaman of QCAA 17U  shot the light out in his last game. Showed the ability to really score the ball from all three levels and has a really humble demeanor. Smooth and confident shooting stroke. Is a versatile player that really looks to win and makes winning plays. High IQ kid who rarely turns the ball over.  Scholarship-Level Player. 

6’7 Nolan Hodge of NC Gators 16U has all the tools to become a really good player. Long athlete who can score the ball from everywhere on the court. Smooth player who plays to his own pace. Shoots the ball well and gets to the rim. Handles the ball very well as he is one of their primary ball handlers. Has the ability to also create for his teammates and has good court vision. Another player who really takes care of the ball and makes smart decisions.