6’6 Daniel Sanfoed ‘22 of Cougars 704 is an absolute beast in the paint. He has a rugged combination of strength, size, and athleticism that allows him to affect the game in an abundance of ways. His ability to operate around the rim and score easy buckets is impressive. He is a tenacious rebounder on both ends of the ball; really carves out space and rebounds out of his area. He also showcases a ton of versatility as he played both in the wing and post effectively. He possesses the necessary ball skills to attack the paint from the wing; uses his strength to bully his way to his spots on the floor. How productive he is at that height alone should attract college coaches immediately. 

6’5 Freddie Dilione ‘22 of A Good Dude has to be one of the smoothest guards I’ve seen all summer. His ability to operate at his own pace all game long was very intriguing. He has the ability to score the ball from everywhere on the floor and has a knack for getting to his spots at will. He can also shoot the ball well from three as he hit a few in the last game. He has all the physical tools that can easily translate to the next level. His length allows him to play gaps defensively and come up with a good amount of steals and deflections.

6’6 Noah Ross ‘22 of A Good Dude should be added to the long list of elite shooters in the state of North Carolina. Being 6’6, he has a real chance to be very good at the next level. Along with his ability to shoot, he is also an impressive athlete. He displayed the ability to get out and run in transition finishing at and above the rim. He also has the length and size that he utilizes to be a solid defender. He is a tremendous shot blocker for his position which was on full display in this last game as he had about four blocks to finish the game. If he continues to improve his ability to defend, he can be a high level three and d type of guy at the next level. 

6’0 Jack Carter ‘22 of Team HoopKlip was on fire this last game. His ability to catch and shoot from three was very impressive. His form is textbook and he gets a great amount of lift to which he shoots over a lot of defenders. He does a great job of moving without the ball and finding openings in the defense. Alongside his shooting ability, he also showcased the ability to handle the ball and attack the paint. He takes care of the ball and hardly ever makes bad plays. He is a low risk, high return type of player the College Level Programs should be all over. 

6’6 Maurio Hanson ‘24 of Cougars 704 has a chance to be a great player. As a freshman now, he already has a college ready frame and body to go along with strength and athleticism. His ability to get great positions in the post allows him to show off his touch and footwork. He also possesses the necessary skills to operate well when facing up. He has a knack for rebounding the ball and getting easy buckets; he has great hands that allow him to catch everything. I’m excited to see how he develops over time. I think he has a real chance to be a very good player. This is a kid college coaches need to get familiar with.

6’3 Ray Faison ‘21 of University Prep Academy was fun to watch. He brings a certain energy and confidence that instantly makes you pay attention. Watching him play, you immediately see his knack for taking what the defense gives him. His ability to both shoot the three and score consistently in the paint gave the defense problem all game long. He plays with so much activity and energy that allows him to be effective just by playing hard. College Coaches looking for a solid addition should take a look here.