6’7 Earl Burgess of Team 864 17U is a super productive and efficient player. Knows his game and is a star in his role. He has a great touch in the paint and puts himself in position to score. He attacks the boards hard and rebounds the ball well on both sides of the floor. Has a high motor and runs the floor very well which allows him to get easy points in transition. He has a good release on his jumper that allows him to be able to knockdown open shots from both the midrange and from three. He is a very humble and coachable kid that will do anything that is asked of him. 

6’6 Jacob Morgan of Carolina Riptide 17U can really flat out shoot the ball. Always seems to find open spots in the defense which allows him to be a really effective shooter. Has a great stroke with a high release that makes it hard to defend; shoots it very confidently. Has a good feel for the game and seems to always be in the right place at the right time. He is a super long kid who has the potential to be a very good knockdown shooter. 

6’4 Undre Lindsay of Team 864 has played great today showing that he is really underrated. He has great build to accompany his length and athleticism. He has really shown how active and elite of a defender he can be. Has kept ball handlers in front and has forced a ton of turnovers. Offensively, he has attacked the basket relentlessly, finishing with an array of moves. He handles the ball well and plays to his strengths. He really gets to his spots and scores well. Has definitely shown that not only can he attack the basket but also able to knockdown shots from the perimeter. He is the type of player who can and will carry his team to the win. Puts up numbers in every category in the box score. 

6’5 Tucker Johnson of EA Prep Adidas 17U plays really hard and changes the game when he’s on the floor. He is really athletic and strong and uses that to his advantage as he attacks the boards and snatched almost every rebound in and outside of his area; gets off the floor quickly. Plays very well in the paint and uses his combination of strength, athleticism and craftiness to finish. Runs the floor well and has the ball handling ability to push the break. Defensively, he protects the paint and blocks shots. Has pretty good timing and defends the post well. 

5’7 Lamont McNeill of NLPB 17U is a lighting quick guard with a high IQ. He really pushes the ball in transition and makes plays for himself and his teammates.He is very hard to stay in front of on defense and can really score the ball from almost anywhere on the court. His ability to change speeds and spot on a dime really causes a ton of problems for the defense. Defensively, he uses his quickness to really pressure ball handlers and creates havoc for anyone on the court. He has quick hands and great timing that allows him to pick pockets frequently.

6’5 Daevin Hobbs of NLPB 15U is a super versatile player with all the physical tools. Hobbs scores the ball at a high level from all three areas on the court. He possesses the ability to handle the ball and really creates scoring opportunities for himself off the ball. He has a great blend of size, athleticism, and skill that allows him to dominate games. He is a tremendous rebounder who really gets out and  runs the floor. He showed the ability to knockdown shots from the perimeter as well. He is a very intriguing prospect that college coaches will flock to as he continues his growth and development. 

6’9 Bretner Mutumbo of Georgia Select All-Stars 17U is  an elite level rim protector that changes the game with his defensive prescences. He uses his phenomenal length and athleticism to block an abundance of shots. He makes it extremely hard to score in the paint which disrupts the opposing offense tremendously. He is quick off of his feet which allows him to be a terrific rebounder on both ends of the floor. He possesses a nice touch in the paint where he tends to make his mark offensively.  He could be an immediate impact defensively for a wide range of college coaches.