6’2 Marcus Farley Jr. of Team Together 16U simply finds ways to score and put up numbers.. He is really great at getting into the lane and drawing contact; makes a living at the free-throw line. He has a quick first step that takes him all the way to the cup and is a crafty finisher. He shoots the ball well from three and makes open shots. Has a good IQ and plays within the offense, doesn’t take bad shots. Definitely the offensive focal point for his team.

6’4 Davion Bowens of Carolina Sonics 17U is a super active player who really plays hard. At his height, he blocks shots at a high rate and uses his active hands to force a lot of turnovers. Scores well around the basket and really attacks the rim; showed his athleticism playing above the rim. Has the ability to handle the ball well enough to push the break and get out in transition. Showed the ability to step out and shoot the three as well, hitting three in the second half. Rebounds the ball well on both sides of the ball. Finished the game with 19 points 8 rebounds and 5 blocks. 

6’8 Addison Archer of NLPB 204 15U is a very talented player whose potential is endless. Is a very good rim protector who uses his length and athleticism to block shots at a high level. Very versatile player who has a great jump shot from midrange. Has the ability to step out and shoot the three. Changes the game in so many ways that it makes it almost impossible to take him out of the game. Has a great touch inside and can really rebound the ball. As he continues to develop, this will be a name college coaches across the country will talk about.

6’5 Dyterious Williams of Next Level SC 16U is a monster in the paint. He has the body and strength that allows him to get perfect position to be extremely effective in the post. He has a great touch in the paint and draws contact almost every time he touches the ball. Has the IQ and passing ability that allowed him to create for his teammates out of the post. Gets great position to rebound the ball well on both sides of the ball. He defends the post well and stays vertical. 

6’7 Tymaureon Outlaw of THS 15U  has a very intriguing game that goes along with a great frame and body for his age. Rebounds the ball very well and showed a really good handle that allowed him to really push in transition and create for his teammates. Really attacks the cup and finishes through contact. He showed a great form on his jumper as he knocked a few threes as well. He used his length to change shots at the rim all game; made it very hard for the offense to score on him. As he continues to develop his game and grow, this will be one college coaches will need to add to their list. 

6’7 Saiquone Harris of Juice All-Stars Stephenson 17U is a super versatile player who does everything you want from a player. He handles the ball well to go along with great court vision and IQ. Gets to the lane effortlessly and finishes consistently; gets to the free throw line as well. Has a good touch on his jumper that allows him to be able to not only knock it down from midrange but from the three as well. Hard to believe that he only has one Division one offer. College Coaches, do yourself a favor and recruit this kid. Will be a very talented player that you can play almost everywhere on the floor.  
6’7 Kanayo Nwosu of Juice All-Stars Stephenson 17U is a freak athlete who shows it immediately as you watch him play. He is super long and bouncy which allows him to be a defensive asset. He blocks shots an an alarming rate and lives in the passing lanes. He really runs the floor and gets out in transition; attacks the rim and tries to dunk everything. On a very talented team, he is definitely a player that stands out almost immediately. College Coaches, this is another guy who will be an immediate defensive presence for your team.