eThis past weekend, the Cardinal Newman Hoopology Showcase took place featuring some of the top teams and players in the state. Players like Julian Philips, GG Jackson, Tyler Rice to name a few all competed in a well put on an event by Philip Deter and his staff. I checked out Session 3 on Saturday that featured Ridgeview, Gray Collegiate, Lower Richland, York Prep, Cardinal Newman, Irmo along with Cardinal Newman and Dreher girl’s varsity team. Here are the players that stood out!

6’4 Davion Everett ‘21 of Ridgeview had a very impressive game, finishing with 19 points 10 rebounds, and 4 charges taken. When watching him play, you immediately see his toughness and the energy and activity he brings. His ability to run the floor, rebound, and block shots were vital to his team’s success. He displayed the ability to not only attack the rim and finish but also the ability to knock down open thress as he hit 4 in the game. Defensively he uses his athleticism and strong build to keep players in front and also be a presence as a help defender. College Coaches this is a guy to take a look at. He is a low maintenance, low-risk high return type of player that will do anything you ask of him.

6’1 DaVeon Thomas ‘21 of Ridgeview is a great addition to this already strong team. He adds exactly what this team needed, a downhill guard who is tough and gets the job done. Playing off the ball, he was able to really attack from the wing and score ease points. He showcased the ability to finish through contact and make defenders pay by knocking down open jumpers. Defensively, he is a gritty guard who will make ball handlers work for everything they get. This addition will make this Ridgeview team a very hard team to beat. College Coaches, DaVeon Thomas is a player!

6’3 Timothy Barnes ‘21 of Gray Collegiate Academy is a super athletic wing that does a great job of scoring within the offense. Watching play, nothing he did was forced as he took what the defense gave him. I already knew of his athleticism and ability to get the rim but I was also intrigued about his ability to shoot the ball off the catch. Although he did not make a lot, even his misses were on target just barely rolling out. I also loved his IQ and ability to recognize where the holes were in the defense and the ability to find his teammates. Defensively, he plays the passing lanes very well causing the defense to turn the ball over. Committed to Missouri-Kansas City, I think he may turn a lot of heads and become a vital part of that team!

6’3 Ashlyn Watkins ‘22 of Cardinal Newman was completely dominant on both ends of the floor. Her ability to dominate the paint on both ends of the floor was very intriguing leading me to predict that she will be a big-time player at the next level. She showcased her ability to rebound on both ends and block shots at a very high level. She also runs the floor very well which allows her to score easy points in transition. I was very impressed with her play and really think that her potential is endless. If she keeps developing her skill level, she has the potential to be a pro. 

6’3 Joshua Beadle ‘21 of Cardinal Newman continues to impress me every time I watch him play. His ability to take over games with his athleticism, scoring, and IQ is very intriguing. He has the ability to play both guard spots effectively. He possesses the IQ and the vision to create for his teammates and rack up assists while also having the innate ability to score from all three levels on the floor. Already committed to Clemson, I believe he will be a great addition as he continues to work on his body and strength. Don’t be surprised when he is the player of the year for his conference and finishes his senior year with a ton of accolades. This kid can flat out play.