This August was a month full of very intriguing talent and potential amongst the abundance of teams and players that attended our events. Talent everywhere from High Major Division 1 to Division 3 level players competed all month long. Of the many players I saw this August, a few players really stood out and either made a name for themselves or showed why they were already highly touted. 

6’7 Sam Alajiki 2021 had a great August really showing what an athlete he is. To start, he has a very impressive build and frame that is perfect for the next level. Super athletic and has a nice burst that allows him to explode to the rim and finish through defenders. Rebounds very well for his size and has the handles to really push the break and get to the rim. Very strong and active player who plays with energy and intensity. Got to the rim all month long and uses his body to draw contact and live at the free-throw line. Active defender who looks to play the passing lanes and also block shots from the help side. Has the potential to develop into someone who can dominate at the next level. Super versatile and makes winning plays.

6’2 Demar Anderson 2021 really scores the ball, putting up impressive numbers all month long. Showed the ability to score from everywhere on the floor constantly and consistently. Creates well for himself off the dribble and really gets to his spots; very tough cover for any defender. Really pushes the ball in transition and looks to score every time down the floor. Gets to the basket very well and is a crafty finisher; created contact which allowed him to get to the free-throw line consistently. Plays with strength, poise, and controls the tempo of the game.

6’10 Jaydin Spillman-Martin 2022 had a very intriguing August that should have left a taste in the mouths of college coaches. At 6’10, he moves very well and has the skill set to be a very special player. Finishes very well around the rim and in the paint. Has a terrific shooting touch for a guy his size; phenomenal in pick and pop situations. Has the IQ and passing ability to drop pinpoint dimes to his teammates putting them in a perfect position to score. Defensively, he uses his tremendous length to disrupt and block shots inside; makes it hard for guys to score. Rebounds well on both sides and has the handle to be able to push the break and be effective. With his skill set, height, and length college coaches should be all over him; he has a very high potential and upside! CAn develop to be a very special player.

5’9 Kadyn Dawkins 2021 has had a phenomenal August showing that he is one of the most underrated guards in the state of North Carolina. A super quick and intelligent guard who can both create for his teammates and himself. A three-level scorer who has out the gym range; consistently hits tough defended buckets. Has a very high IQ that allows him to effectively set up his teammates and rack up on assist. Controls the speed and tempo of the game and can really change speeds well with the ball in his hands. REally gets into the lane at will and is a crafty finisher. Although he is well undersized, he is extremely productive and changes the game in plenty of ways. Has outplayed almost every guard that he was matched up against. Really defends the ball well and uses his quickness and reflexes to force turnovers; makes any guard he faces have a tough day offensively. Plays with intensity and a chip on his shoulder; natural leader for his team. Any program that likes undersized guards, this is definitely your guy. Will give you everything you look for from a point guard.

6’5 Collin Tanner 2022 is a very intriguing prospect who really performed well this past month. Has an eye-catching frame and body that immediately makes him stand out on the court. Has good length and strength in which he uses to his advantage on both ends of the court. Has the handle and mobility to get to his spots on the floor and has a great in-between game; showed the ability to be productive in the midrange. Has a good shooting touch that allows him to easily knock down open shots. Really runs the floor to fill the lanes in transition and explodes on his finishes; finishes through contact and above the rim. Is very athletic and is evident in the eye-catching things you see when watching him play. Another productive versatile player that will be one college coaches will begin contacting. Wouldn’t be surprised if offers begin to start flooding in for him soon.