This August was a month full of very intriguing talent and potential amongst the abundance of teams and players that attended our events. Talent everywhere from High Major Division 1 to Division 3 level players competed all month long. Of the many players I saw this August, a few players really stood out and either made a name for themselves or showed why they were already highly touted. 

6’8 Brayden Crump 2024 has had a great August and has really shown why he should be a name college coaches should know early. He is ridiculously skilled and has the potential to be a terrific player. Has the necessary skill set that allows him to dominate the game and put up great numbers. Has a great touch in the paint that allows him to be effective around the rim. Has the ability to knock down shots from all over the court; has a great touch from three. Has really good footwork to go along with the body and soft-touch that allows him to be an almost for sure two points or foul. Handles the ball well and attacks the rim; really runs the floor and gets out in transition. He is one of the most skilled athletes I’ve seen this summer. His stock will continue to rise, for sure Division 1 talent. Can’t wait to see how he continues to develop his game and body!

6’4 Donovan Atwell 2022 is probably the best shooter that I’ve seen this August; definitely in the conversation for best shooter in the state. Showed the ability to find open spots on the floor and really knock down shots at a super high rate; very rarely does he take a bad shot. Has a smooth, quick shooting stroke that allows him to get his shot off with minimal space. Can shoot both off the catch and off the dribble. Really high IQ and offensive awareness that allows him to be in the right spot at the right time. He is a must find player for the defense, any amount of space and he is letting it fly. College Coaches need to get on him now! Will be an immediate addition to the roster, immediate shot maker.

5’10 Trey Green 2023 has been phenomenal all August long. Has been an elite floor general, running the show for an elite Team Charlotte 16U team. HE is the perfect definition of a pass-first point guard who really makes everybody on the floor better. Really controls the pace and tempo of the game. Smooth guard who is extremely quick with cat-like reflexes on defense. Very active on defense and took pride on that side of the ball; stayed solid and had really good defensive awareness. Attacks the rim hard and really sets his teammates up to score. Has a quick first step, strength, and athleticism to really finish at the basket. Knocks down open shots consistently. Will definitely be a great get for any program. 

6’8 Saiquonne Harris 2021 has been very productive this August and has really shown his versatility. Really plays hard and competes on both sides of the ball. Has a body and frame that is eye-catching that would definitely translate to the next level. Has the ball skills to play almost anywhere on the floor. Uses his combination of strength and athleticism to really attack the basket and finish. Super athletic prospect who rebounds very well and really runs the floor. Creates well for his teammates and has good court vision. Makes everybody on his team look and play better. 

6’5 Dessie Canty Jr. 2021 has had a wonderful August and has shown that he is under-recruited. Plays so hard and really compete on both ends of the floor. Really runs the floor in transition and is almost a for sure two points from around the rim and in the paint. Has a nice build and length to go along with his athleticism that makes it very hard to keep him from getting to the basket. Handles the ball well and has the ability to knock down shots; can really heat up and put up big numbers. Uses his length and athleticism to really defend and finish above the rim on the offensive end; had a few really impressive dunks this month. Uses his quick first step to get by the defense and has a pretty good mid-range game as well. College Coaches should definitely begin recruiting him now, Scholarship-Level Player!