This August was a month full of very intriguing talent and potential amongst the abundance of teams and players that attended our events. Talent everywhere from High Major Division 1 to Division 3 level players competed all month long. Of the many players I saw this August, a few players really stood out and either made a name for themselves or showed why they were already highly touted. 

6’9 Jai Smith 2022 had a tremendous August, showing that he is a definite HM Division 1 talent. Very long, extremely athletic, and moves so fluidly on the court that any college coach would love to have him in their program. Has a high motor and really gets out and runs the floor. Finishes everything at and above the rim almost effortlessly; plays with a killer mindset and looks to dunk on you every single play down the court. Can handle the ball well for his size which allows him to push the break and create for not only himself but for his teammates. Tenacious rebounder who attacks the boards relentlessly every possession and has great hands. Uses his length to be a great rim protector and defensive presence, blocking and changing shots at the rim. Affects the game in so many ways and is a very coachable kid that will do anything you ask of him. Very high potential and upside; will be a very special player.

6’7 Toby Harris 2021 is just a player that you must have on your team. Had a breakout August putting up very good and consistent numbers. Very long and extremely versatile player who can play and defend multiple positions effectively. Can really shoot the ball efficiently and at a high percentage, rarely ever takes bad shots. Handles the ball well and can really create for himself and teammates; very good passer. Has an extremely high IQ and simply makes the right plays. Uses his length to defend and keeps a hand on the ball in the passing lanes. This is a very underrated prospect who should have college coaches all over him. The kid can flat out play

6’8 Elijah Gray 2022 is a very special talent who is arguably one of the best players in his class, does everything you could ask for. Has a great frame and body that is very attractive to college coaches. Is a three level scorer who can easily take over and dominate games with his ability. Attacks the rim relentlessly and uses his body and athleticism to finish through defenders. Can really shoot the ball both off the catch and dribble and has the ability to really catch fire from three. Has a smooth, consistent stroke that is hard to defend due to his height. Rebounds the ball very well on both ends of the floor and uses his length to cause a lot of turnovers on defense; makes it very hard to score on him. Handles the ball well and really gets to his spots on the floor. The potential and upside for this kid is through the roof. High Major Talent for sure!

6’9 Eric Van Der Heijden 2021  had a very impressive August and really showed why he is a big time division one prospect (committed to Louisville). This being my first time getting to sit down and watch him play, he did not disappoint at all. Has the skill set that simply speaks for itself when you watch him play. Can really score the ball from everywhere on the court including a consistent touch from three. Handles the ball well and really creates for himself and his teammates; has a really high IQ and great feel for the game. Runs the floor very well and finishes around the basket consistently. Super long player who really utilizes that on the defensive end blocking shots and keeping a hand in the passing lanes. Rebounds the ball well and has the ability to start the break; has the potential to be a really effective point-forward. 

6’4 Umar Lawson 2021 really had a breakout August, putting up really good numbers and truly making a name for himself. Really dominates the paint as he attacks fearlessly looking to finish on top of denders. Has the body and athleticism to really take over games with his ability to attack the rim. Extremely productive in transition as he uses the combination of quickness and craftiness to score. Best thing about his game is the way he defends the ball. Picks up 94ft and really hounds ball handlers forcing them to turn the ball over. Really plays the passing lanes and forces the offense to think twice about passing to his side. Has a very high motor and plays extremely hard. Wouldn’t be surprised if he reels in more offers as the summer comes to an ending.