Yesterday, I pulled up to the Sumter Civic Center to be in attendance for the SCISA Quarter Finals. First Baptist took on Augusta Christian, and Ben Lippen took on Trinity Collegiate. Both games were neck and neck throughout. These were the standout players that I thought absolutely led their team to wins. 

6’1 Elijah Crawford ‘24 of Augusta Christian was absolutely phenomenal in their game against First Baptist. Elijah has the IQ and skill set that is far advanced for his age. His ability to be a shot creator and shot maker was on full display as he consistently made shot after shot keeping his team ahead; he even hit the go-ahead three to win the game at the buzzer. He controlled the pace of his team and the game and had a knack for setting up his teammates. Defensively, he hounded the opposing guard coming up with a ton of steals leading to easy points in transition for his team. The most impressive quality however was his confidence and ability to lead at such a young age. If he continues to develop at this rate, he has the chance to be a high-level guard. College Coaches should begin taking notice of him NOW!

6’6 Colin Mckenzie ‘22 of First Baptist is a high-level shooter who has the length and the high release to get his shot off with minimal space. His ability to shoot the ball from three off the catch is eye-catching. He also showcased the ability to put the ball on the deck and get to the basket, finishing through contact. He also rebounded very well and was able to defend multiple positions due to his length. College Coaches looking for a versatile shooter should definitely look into him! Has the height, length, and touch to go alongside a high potential that could be a steal for a program!

6’1 Tre Mcleod ‘22 of Trinity Collegiate had a great game for his team yesterday against Ben Lippen, leading them in scoring. He displayed the ability to not only shoot the ball off the catch but also off the dribble. He also showcased the ability to get to the basket. The most intriguing thing about Tre is his defensive intensity. He has the ability to really get up and pressure opposing guards causing turnovers and getting easy buckets in transition. Tre is a very vocal guard who controls and leads his team on the floor. If Tre can continue to show his ability to score the ball in the way he did yesterday, he has the potential to be a good get for colleges. Low risk, high return type of player!

6’0 Ross Hartzog ‘21 of Ben Lippen shot the cover off the basketball yesterday. He absolutely torched the defense from behind the arc, hitting open and contested shots all game long. His ability to get his shot off quickly and with little to no space made it very difficult to defend him. He handled the ball well for his teams and made fundamental plays all game long the kept them neck and neck with Trinity Collegiate. He also showed the ability to make the right pass creating easy scoring opportunities for his teammates. College-level programs looking to round out their 2021 class should take a look at him. A fundamental guard who can really stoke the ball from three,