Richard Black

Back in the great city of Rock Hill, SC , I along with the rest of the Phenom Hoops Staff started out the Phenom Queen City Showcase with some good talent. Being one of the premier tournaments of the summer, the weekend is packed full of talented players and teams. Here is who I thought stood out today on the courts I observed. 

6’4 Shawn Wilson of Team Hickory 17U Cannady displayed one of the most balanced scoring approaches of the day. He showcased his ability to not only get to the rim but also hit shots from both the midrange and three. He was very active and played the hardest amongst everybody on the court. Love his ability to use a combination of athleticism and quickness to defend and play the passing lanes. He is a guy who will definitely be a scholarship level player. Very skilled player with the potential to be a solid player at the next level. 

6’10 Melian Martinez of Garner Road Graves 17U has the length and fluidity that screams potential to college coaches. He did a great job of using his length to defend and protect the rim; he also did a great job on the glass. Although still raw in skillset, it’s hard to not love the physical tools he possesses. As he continues to develop his game, he could potentially become a household name. He is a kid who may be a high risk but could definitely yield a high return. 

6’4 Nik Graves of Garner Road Graves 17U really orchestrated his team well as the lead guard. He was cerebral with his passing as he routinely set up his teammates for easy baskets. He displayed a relentlessness when attacking the rim, either finishing or getting to the free throw line. Defensively, he did a great job of staying in front of opposing guards. Loved the pace and confidence that he competed with today. If he continues to be a willing passer and a leader on the court, he has the potential to be a good player at the next level!

6’0 Richard Black III of Team Synergy 2022 put a scoring clinic in his first game of the tournament. He has the unique ability to change speeds and get to whatever part of the court he wants. He does a terrific job of getting to the basket and has also shown the ability to shoot the ball from three. Watching him last year, he has done a great job of improving his body and overall skill set. If he continues to develop at this rate, he will be a well known name amongst scholarship level coaches. Keep an eye on him!

6’4 Chas Stinson of Team United 2021 has the chance to be a steal for a program. At 6’4, he does just about everything on the floor. He is very versatile on both ends of the floor and simply plays hard. He has the ability to dominate the game when getting downhill and when left open has the ability to knock down open shots. He has the physical tools that can develop and translate to the next level. Wouldn’t be surprised if his recruitment starts to break open soon. 

6’6 Nolan Hodge of Carolina Gators 17U Red has continued to impress me with his game and his development. He has shown the ability to score with ease from everywhere on the court; has been a tough matchup for opposing guards. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is his vision and how well he sets up his teammates. Given a combination of his physical appeal and his skill set, it’s hard to see how he doesn’t become an elite-level player. He is going to be a great get for any program he chooses; brings a unique versatility to any team. College Coaches should be all over this guy!