6’6 2019 Marlowe Gilmore- A long armed player with a ton of athleticism and a decent skill set. Marlowe’s calling card is always his defense and his ability to defend 4/5 positions on the court at any point. However, it never hurts when he gets breakout steals and puts his head at the rim for dunks. His skill set is coming along I personally have only watched him for a few weeks, but he looks better now than 3 weeks ago which says something about his work ethic.

6’4 2019 Jet Fortunnee- A big time shooter!! Jet went for 31 points and 9 3’s in the game I watched and from talking to him and his coaches this is nothing new to him at all. Jet has a nice looking jump shot that if he gets off will more than likely go down. He possesses more than just a jump shot however he can really create for himself off the bounce because teams close out on him so hard making him a nice all-around scoring threat for his team.

6’5 2020 Amile Flowers Greensboro Warriors – Very good athlete who drove the lane looking to finish above the rim every time. Possesses nice length and athleticism epically for his age, really liked the aggression he showed as it was very hard to keep him out of the paint time and time again. Did a good job camping in the short corner and waiting on his teammates to make plays so he could finish. And still managed to show a nice perimeter game.

6’1 2018 Ryan Frierson- This guy was a ton of fun to watch play because of his passion and energy he put fourth throughout the game. He was talking, clapping, and playing extremely hard this whole game which helped his team go 5-0 throughout the weekend. His energy alone is enough to draw attention to his court and his team and you have to love a player who plays as hard as he does.