Team Loaded CVA U17
6’9 Sal Diop – has a incredible wing span. He does a good job of rebounding and blocking shots in the paint. Like him in pick and roll situations as he does a good job of sealing his man and finishing around the basket. On offense he hit a nice turn around fade away jumper. Runs the floor like a deer. Did a great job of getting in transition and catching some nice feeds for dunks. Can wait to see how good he will be once he added some needed weight to his frame.

Team Loaded NC U16
Michael Caprise 6’6 High IQ guy that’s very fundamentally sound. Just seems to get a lot of things done on the floor. He is one of those players that every coach needs to hold the team together. He’s the glue guy that doesn’t do a lot of talk lets his work speak. And his work was stamped all over this game as he continued to makes winning plays for his team. So many things stick out about him like he never standing around on the floor. When the shots goes up he does a good job of boxing out and making outlet passes to the point guard to get fast breaks started. Love his passing skill as he made a nice bounce through a defender to a teammate for huge dunk.

Shaq Moore 6’0 – Shaq is a special athlete that excels in the open floor. He is a highlight film ready to happen once he gets loose. He is very skilled at getting to the basket and making plays for his teammates. Scouts are starting to notice his improvement on his jump shot. He is also a great defender. He does a great job of keeping his opponent in front of him. On the offensive boards he able to use his athleticism to get rebounds over taller players. Like the way he is developing and putting it all together. He is rounding his self to be a big time college prospect.

Jamari Harvey 6’5 – length wing that can score the basketball on all three levels. Jamari got to the game late with his team down about 12 points. But was able to immediately give his team some instant offense hitting three straight three-pointers to get them back in the game. He is a very skilled offensives talent that did a really good job of putting the ball on the floor once defenders started respecting his job shot.

Overcomers Elite U17 North Carolina
Demecio Adams 6’0 this point guard did a very good job of getting to the basket anytime he wanted. It was really hard for Combine guards to keep him in front of them. He has a great handle and a very explosive first step. His speed allows him to excel in transition. What I like about him is that he is able to use either hand equally to get to the basket. When the help defender finally started stepping over he was able to dump the ball to players on the block for easy finishes. Does a great job of running his team and getting players in the right spot. Finished the game with 19 points.

Combine Academy U17
Bradley West 6’6 this kid already has a college ready body. He was able to do what he wanted versus the Overcomers because they didn’t have a player with his size and strength. He does a great job of running the floor and finishing around the basket. He’s a force on the offensive boards as he was able to make a living there all night. Also did a great job of commanding the high post and making good passes to open teammates.

Virginia Allstars
Zaewuan Baines 6’3 Started off slow but after the first half things picked up after his coach called a set to get him going. The 6’3 guard has a nice touch from behind the arc. He was also able to make some nice athletic drives for scores. Did a great job of penetrating and getting to the charity strike where he was able to shoot a high percentage from the free throw line. Finished the game with 14 points.

Corwin Bryant Shooter that was able to spread the floor by knocking down open jump shots. He has nice form and good touch on his shot. He did a great job of keeping the players he was guarding in front of him, which is usually a little hard for shooters to do. Does a good job of talking on defense and sliding over getting in the help side position. Finished the game with 24 points.

Jyyson Slade 6’1 Very intriguing prospect he did a great job of getting out in the open floor to score some easy baskets in transition. He is very bouncy as he was able to finish a thunderous two-hand slam-dunk. His athleticism allowed him to rebound and get his hands on a lot of loose balls. He has a nice touch from behind the arc. Watching him play he seems to have a lot of tools. Would like to see him be more aggressive at getting to the hoop and scoring the basketball.

Team Vision 17U
Jalen Walker-Crawford 6’1 2019 combo guard that did a good job of getting his team in and out of their offenses. Possesses a good basketball IQ. Did a good job of getting the basket and setting teammates. When left open he consistently knocking down shots making the defense respect his outside shot.