2019 Quick Hitters

This is probably the most talented class to come through South Carolina in over 20 years. It carries multiple Top 100 guys and depth across the D1 landscape.

We put out a full report on each kid who attends camp. That will be a week or two out, so here are some quick hitters from the South Carolina Top 80.

We will start with the loaded 2019 class

Jalil Bessant 5'9' of Irmo HS (Irmo)
Bessant has a quick body and an unmistakable set of hair. The future looks bright for Bessant as he competed against the best in the state.

Alex Caldwell 5'10' of Lower Richland HS (Columbia)
Caldwell has a high work rate and solid feel for the game. Despite his size, Caldwell as not afraid to stick his nose in the mix and make a play. He has a confidence beyond his years with the ball in his hands, which was evident in his averaging 13.3 Points per game.

Khalil Robinson 5'11' of Gray Collegiate (Columbia)
Robinson won Mr Playmaker for the entire camp, and rightfully so. He did a great job, not only running his team, but dictating the pace of play. He is a good shooter with deep range and a big IQ with court sense.

Zeb Graham 5'11' of Nations Ford HS (Rock Hill)
Graham is a breath of fresh air at his age. However, with the state of the South Carolina 2019 class, it isn't surprising as the talent runs deep there. Graham is quick, but his IQ and passion is what makes him succeed. Graham is quick to the rim, but patient. He enjoys being a point guard to set up his team mates, but can also get a bucket.

Jalen Williams 6' of Pinewood Prep (Charleston)
Williams has a good feel for running a team. Was impressed with his ability to play proper angles, at his age. Williams was comfortable getting his team mates involved, and did well quickly identifying his scorers 'sweet spots'. A lot of subtle things that Williams does.

Tommy Bruner 6' of Spring Valley (Columbia)
Bruner came into the event with little fan fare, but that quickly changed. He is a jet quick guard with great touch beyond the arc. His bloodlines lend to think he is still growing, brother (Jordan) is 6'9' and a top 100 2016 player and sister (Ashley) is 6'1' and playing pro overseas. Tommy is a Top 50 type kid nationally.

Russell Dean 6'2' of Dutch Fork HS (Irmo)
Dean has great size, and a good skill set. Dean is a baby-faced power point guard, who is no doubt still growing. With a mom over 6' and dad at 6'4' the upside is there. In this event, Dean was comfortable on the ball, and did his best work getting downhill toward the rim.

Jamaal Edmondson 6'5' of Northwood Academy (Charleston)
Edmondson is very strong, and has the ability to bully players who are older to the rim. He showed during this event his ability to attack from the high post and wing areas. Edmondson averaged 10 points per game in this event.

Juwan Gary 6'6' of Gray Collegiate (Columbia)
Gary was one of only four (4) players to average 20 points or more for the event. He was beyond his years with his ability to put the ball in the bucket. He showed range well beyond the arc, both off the catch and pull-up. Gary excels in transition with his reckless abandon for the rim and high level explosion. Gary is a top 10 type kid nationally.

Devin Ramsey 6'6' of Northwood Academy (Charleston)
Ramsey has a frame that is beyond his years. Physically well-built, Ramsey has a preference for the perimeter where he showed comfort handling and some touch beyond the arc.

Christian Brown 6'6' of AC Flora HS (Columbia)
When asking anyone in attendance about the top players, without fail Brown's name was close to the top of everyone list. Brown has a non-stop motor that helps him to be a top level defender. He also has a solid pace on the ball, and just produces across the board. Brown is a top 25 type kid nationally.

Rutger Hoekstra 6'6' of 22 Ft Academy (Greenville)
Native of Holland had the utmost confidence in his skill set. Shot the ball at a high level while having the high IQ off the ball to find himself open, often.

DJ Burns 6'8' of York Prep (Rock Hill)
Lefty, has feel and touch. Great passer out of the post, and 18' touch. Below the rim big, is very crafty, competitive, and productive. Burns is a Top 50 type kid nationally.

Kyran Rawson 6'8' of 22 Ft Academy (Greenville)
Great feel. Solid footwork and passer friendly hands. Showed face up skill, but also was comfortable in paint.