South Carolina Top 80 Evaluations


Team 2

Coach: Yusuf English


#1: 5’5 ’22 Joshua Gunn (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that possesses a natural sense of how to properly run a team, Joshua Gunn. He’s a young point guard prospect with great quickness and a sharp mind for the game. Offensively, Gunn knows how to navigate a team and get his teammates consistently involved while rarely forcing the action. He displays a quality midrange pull-up and scored around the rim fairly well in transition. Gunn possesses a strong feel for the game and it’s evident through his playmaking ability. Throughout camp, he showed a willingness to defend and make opponents uncomfortable, which stood out for a player of his age. Next in his development process is working on finishing through traffic and contact, as it would make him a more complete offensive player. Coach English on Gunn: “Joshua is a great team guy that showcased his ability to make plays throughout the day. He plays good all-around defense and looks to make the right, intelligent play every time.” Gunn’s combination of youth and maturity is very intriguing, and he’ll be one to watch progress over the next few years.


#3: 5’8 ’19 Jarrod Woodland (Florence, SC)

Next, we look at a player that did a solid amount of everything and played somewhat of a glue-guy role at camp, Jarrod Woodland. He’s a strong-bodied guard prospect with leadership skills and an unselfish approach to the game. Woodland attacks the basket often and finished a majority of his opportunities inside the paint; he shot the ball quite well and knocked down open looks throughout the day. He displayed excellent decision-making as a creator and brought constant intensity on defense. Woodland was ready and willing to do whatever necessary to provide his team with an edge, which allowed him to shine in a variety of different ways. Next in his development process is continuing to improve on his transition defense, as he could elevate his presence to a new level with added work. Coach English on Woodland: “Jarrod is a great kid and teammate that can penetrate to create scoring chances for others. He’s the ultimate team guy that made an impact as a good defender.” Woodland is somewhat undersized, but he truly understands his game and how to operate the point guard position with poise, so it’ll be interesting to see how his senior season unfolds.


#27: 6’0 ’19 Isaiah Archie (North Charleston, SC)

Moving onto a player that simply knows how to make a nonstop impact on both sides of the ball, Isaiah Archie. He’s a lead guard with athleticism and an extremely strong work ethic; he frequently looks to make hustle plays and overwhelm opponents with his quality motor. Archie’s unselfish approach to the game is what every team needs, as he’s almost always willing to sacrifice his touches for the benefit of others. Throughout camp, he did an excellent job of making efficient use of his touches and scoring inside the arc. Archie was able to play above the rim in doses and highlighted his improved explosiveness whenever possible. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his ability to shoot off the dribble, as it would certainly make him more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach English on Archie: “Isaiah is a high-energy player that hustles all the time. He plays with a high motor and is very athletic. Isaiah needs to work on his ball-handling, but still possesses a very high upside.” Archie does a great job of affecting various facets of the game and should maintain that mindset throughout his upcoming senior season.


#33:6’0 ’19 Walyn Napper (Columbia, SC)

Continuing onto a player that has continually improved his game on both sides of the floor, Walyn Napper. He’s a smooth combo guard with great decision-making and decisiveness as a playmaker. Napper is quite intriguing as the lead guard, considering he’s always possessed above-average vision and has only become more deceptive as a passer over time. Now, he showcases a firm understanding of how to properly attack defenses and consistently pile up points. Napper has taking his three-level scoring to a new level over the summer and is capable of applying pressure from any spot on the floor. He’s a huge problem for opponents in transition, both as an attacker and defender, and utilizes his quick feet to make plays. Napper has a nice IQ and overall feel for the game, which is just another attribute that tends to overwhelm opposing guards. Next in his development process is maintaining the approach that he displayed at camp, as it should allow Division I programs to actively pursue him. Coach English on Napper: “Walyn is a high-volume scorer that does a great job of making plays around the basket. He finished through contact all day long.” Napper is a likely candidate to see an uptick in his recruitment this season, especially if he continues showing flashes of sheer dominance.


#58:6’2 ’21 Robert McCray V (Columbia, SC)

Next, we look at a player that possesses a phenomenal blend of potential and productivity, Robert McCray. He’s a point guard with an incredibly natural feel for the game and his teammates. Offensively, McCray provides a steady playmaking presence and has the ability to take over a game when needed. He scores the ball efficiently from all three levels while touching the paint at a quality rate, which allows him to keep the opposition guessing. McCray displays great IQ and craftiness when getting downhill to attack the defense; he has a terrific all-around skillset, especially given his age and position. He contained his assignment and forced an abundance of on-ball steals throughout the day. Next in his development process is simply continuing to gain playing experience, as he has the chance to become a really special two-way prospect. Coach English on McCray: “Robert is a good shooter that can put the ball on the floor. He does a great job of getting others involved and knows how to mix it up on offense. Robert can finish at the rim and plays with a nice pace. He’s a great kid and a team-oriented player.” McCray has a massive ceiling and could feasibly turn into a must-have prospect for a variety of Division I programs, but it’ll take continued work. Watch for McCray to have a breakout season for AC Flora.


#62: 6’2 ’20 Sam Brown (Travelers Rest, SC)

Moving onto a player that really surprised opponents and caught them off-guard throughout the day, Sam Brown. He’s an off-guard prospect with a quality all-around approach to the game. Offensively, Brown is a three-level scorer that knows how to make a constant impact through cutting, spotting-up, driving hard, or by keeping the ball moving. He displays a great IQ and overall feel for the game, and even possesses some craftiness as a creator. Brown is a terrific teammate and consistently looked to assist others. He was a strong team defender at camp and proved that he can compete against any group of opponents. Next in his development process is working on the timing of some of his passes, as improved passing would allow him to play as the point guard in a pinch. Coach English on Brown: “Sam was a complete pleasure to coach. He plays hard the entire game and willingly gets on the floor. Sam can shoot the three-pointer or finish well at the rim; he’s a great teammate.” Brown really understands how to play the game and should only continue to get better over the next year.


#77: 6’4 ’21 Bryce McGowens (Pelzer, SC)

Continuing onto a player that possesses strong production and an incredibly high ceiling, Bryce McGowens. He’s a long, rangy, wing prospect that already knows how to affect all facets of any given game. McGowens applies constant pressure as a three-level scorer and displays creativity with the ball in his hands. He has somewhat of a slight frame, but his skill foundation is absolutely phenomenal and he already understands the game quite well. McGowens shot the ball extremely well throughout the day and highlighted a silky-smooth stroke from beyond the arc. His strong IQ is especially evident on defense, where he’s able to consistently make the correct read while also toggling between three positions. McGowens rebounded the ball well and showcased his ability to immediately push the break himself. Next in his development process is working on his playmaking abilities, as it would give him the full package offensively. Coach English on McGowens: “Bryce is athletic and can shoot the three-ball. He does a great job of the defensive side of things and knows how to use his length. Bryce can score on all three levels; he was a good team guy and was a pleasure to coach.” It wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that McGowens could realistically be among the top players at this camp in a year or two.


#80: 6’4 ’20 Jaylen Green (Charleston, SC)

Next, we look at a player that showcased an exceptional motor throughout his time at camp, Jaylen Green. He’s a strong, athletic forward prospect that knows his role and doesn’t force the action on either end. Offensively, Green attacks the basket well and scored numerous times around the basket as a cutter. He understands how to utilize his length to disrupt opponents and made a nice impact on both sides of transition play. Green does a solid job of coexisting with any group of teammates and remaining focused on his approach. He displayed athleticism, a decent overall feel for the game, and a pretty fair amount of two-way upside during the day. Next in his development process is working on his ability to shoot the ball from distance, as it would open up a new realm of possibilities for the forward prospect. Coach English on Green: “Jaylen is a high energy guy that hustled on both sides of the ball. He was a good teammate and showed the ability to finish strong around the basket. Jaylen has a pretty firm grasp of his skillset.” Green was a tireless worker at camp and certainly gave his team a boost, so it’ll be interesting to see if he approaches the upcoming season with that same mentality.


#109: 6’7 ’19 Nate Dunlop (Graniteville, SC)

Moving onto a player that has simply been on an incredible all-around tear throughout the last month, Nate Dunlop. He’s a strong-bodied forward prospect with a perfect skillset for the direction that basketball is heading. Dunlop actively toggles between forward positions and causes matchup problems at either spot. Put a perimeter player on Dunlop, and he’s going inside to impose his will. On the other hand, assign a big man to him, and he’ll drop three-point bombs until the game concludes. His intelligent, nearly mistake-free approach to the game is very refreshing to watch. Dunlop makes great decisions with the ball and brings an unselfish attitude to every single contest, even when he’s hitting everything in sight. He played above the rim in doses, continuing to highlight his big-time athleticism when controlling the glass and on finishing opportunities. Dunlop catches folks by surprise on defense, capable of forcing steals and snatching blocks out of the air. Next in his development process is continuing to harness his current two-way mentality, as he’ll definitely end up as a Division I player with maintained consistency. Coach English on Dunlop: “Nate plays with a very high motor and is surprisingly athletic. He can score efficiently from all three levels. Nate hustles on defense and is a good teammate.” It’s difficult to envision a scenario where Dunlop isn’t a steal at the next level, since his recruitment is pretty far behind his skillset and productivity at the moment. That being said, we should keep a close eye on Dunlop over the upcoming season, as he could emerge as a must-have prospect for various programs.


#113: 6’8 ’20 Jordan Wildy(Rock Hill, SC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that has made quite an impression with his skillset and clear two-way upside, Jordan Wildy. He’s a power forward with fantastic length and the mindset to properly utilize his physical gifts. Wildy plays with a take-no-prisoners approach and protects the rim with great intensity. He fights for rebounds on every single possession, but still has the ability to improve with added strength. Wildy’s offensive skillset is very intriguing, and he’s still growing on that end, but he understands how to knock down the pick-and-pop shot (from midrange or three-point territory) while consistently taking advantage of opportunities around the paint. He has a quality feel for the game and his skillset, making him a menace for opposing big men to deal with. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it’ll simply make him even more physically overwhelming for the opposition. Coach English on Wildy: “Jordan rebounds the ball quite well and can shoot from distance. He does a great job of filling in the lanes, especially in transition, and can finish nicely with either hand.” Rock Hill is overflowing with talent this season and Wildy will be expected to emerge as a leader. We’ll be watching for him to take that next step in his development.