South Carolina Top 80 Evaluations


Team 12

Coach: Jimmy Duncan


#14: 5’10 ’21 Phillip Mickles (Lancaster, SC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that is simply wired to score and make plays, Phillip Mickles. He’s a strong-bodied guard prospect with an excellent motor and team-first approach to the game. Offensively, Mickles is typically slotted off-ball, where he’s great at moving and positioning himself for scoring opportunities. Mickles can score the ball effectively from all three levels and displays nice range on his three-point stroke. He utilizes his compact frame well to absorb contact and get into his assignment on defense. His quality IQ and unselfish nature allowed him to tally numerous assists in transition. Next in his development process is continuing to work on the release time of his jumper, as it would allow him to take advantage of scoring against closeouts. Coach Duncan on Mickles: “Phillip was very coachable and led by example. He is great at moving without the ball and his positioning was excellent. Phillip’s effort level is very high, no matter the score. With continued work and dedication, he will become a great asset.” Mickles is a nice guard with polish and long-term upside, definitely making him one to watch grow.


#17: 5’10 ’20 Ty Turner (Blythewood, SC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to make contributions in every facet of the game during camp, Ty Turner. He’s a long, athletic guard prospect with an excellent motor and a true desire to outwork opponents on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Turner scores nicely from all three levels and possesses the ability to create a shot from nothing. He’s a quality passer with nice vision and playmaking instincts, allowing him to create space, shift the defense, and then get an assist to a teammate. Turner displays a nice feel for the game and knows how to make an impact without the ball. Turner is a well-rounded defender that understands how to utilize his length to intercept passing lanes and push transition play. Next in his development process is continuing to work on the use of his off-hand, as it would allow him to attack more angles on the court. Coach Duncan on Turner: “Ty is a very quick and explosive player. He can create space and score on a simple jab-step. He’s very creative when finishing and passing around the basket. Ty valued every possession and created numerous turnovers. He was very coachable throughout the day.” Turner is quite an intriguing prospect and could be poised for a breakout junior season, especially if he continues to work.


#36: 6’1 ’21 Bailey Wiseman (Charleston, SC)

Moving onto a player that should already be closely monitored by a variety of Division I programs, Bailey Wiseman. He’s a point guard prospect with incredible sharpness and playmaking instincts. Wiseman handles the ball with poise, consistently making fantastic reads while rarely ever turning it over. He’s a lights-out shooter from midrange and three-point territory, but also applies great pressure as a penetrator and finisher. Wiseman’s IQ is through the roof, and it’s evident in the way he runs a team. He’s able to slide off-ball and score as a spot-up option whenever necessary. Wiseman possesses deceptive quickness on both ends of the floor, which allows him to accumulate an abundance of steals, both on-ball and when defending the passing lanes. Wiseman is unstoppable in transition, especially if he has teammates running alongside him. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it would make him virtually unstoppable for most opponents. Coach Duncan on Wiseman: “Bailey has picture-perfect shooting form. His basketball IQ and court vision allow him to take advantage of defensive mismatches. His shot speed and shooting percentages are high-level and he can make beautiful passes.” Wiseman is still relatively unknown in the bigger scheme of things, but that’ll definitely change over the coming months, as he will start gaining traction as a strong college-level prospect.


#37:6’1 ’21 Daveon Thomas (Elgin, SC)

Continuing onto a player that possesses all the necessary tools to become a dominant two-way presence, Daveon Thomas. He’s a point guard prospect with nice strength, athleticism, and solid feel for the game. Offensively, Thomas gets downhill with ease and attacks the rim whenever possible. He can score quite efficiently from all three levels, but does an excellent job of mixing up his approach on offense. Thomas has great vision and playmaking instincts, especially when he is focusing on creating scoring chances for others. He’s a handful for opponents to contain in transition, because he has the ability to hurt teams in a variety of different ways. Thomas utilizes his quick hands and feet to mirror his assignment on defense, which allows him to pile up steals in a hurry. Next in his development process is working to become a more vocal leader on and off the court, as he could emerge as the voice that his team lacks. Coach Duncan on Thomas: “Daveon has a good nose for the ball. He sees and plays the passing lanes extremely well. Daveon’s shooting and shooting form are solid and with some fine-tuning, he will be excellent.” Thomas is at a crossroads between strong potential and production, so it’ll be interesting to see how he builds his game from this point forward.


#38: 6’1 ’21 Jacobi Wright (Columbia, SC)

Next, we look at a player that should already have five-plus Division I offers in his pocket, Jacobi Wright. He’s one of the smartest, fundamentally sound point guard prospects in the Southeast and his showing at camp only continued to further that notion. Offensively, Wright is an incredible playmaker with natural feel for his teammates; he scores efficiently from all three levels with great regularity. He’s beginning to play above the rim, which should terrify every opponent on his schedule. Wright sees the floor unlike most guards and can make passes from unfathomable angles. He never makes a bad pass, especially in transition, and simply leads by example on the court. Wright is the type of talented, high IQ, high character prospect that any coach would love to have run their team. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it’ll make the game easier for him on both sides of the ball. Coach Duncan on Wright: “Jacobi is quick and has an explosive first step. He has the ability to beat opponents off the dribble or pull-up. He had multiple acrobatic finishes that showed body and ball control. Jacobi’s skill level and IQ are both very high. I spoke with him on becoming a vocal leader on the floor.” It should be no surprise that Wright was the recipient of our Mr. Playmaker award at camp, due to his nonstop flow of assists. Nearly every Division I program should be giving Wright a proper viewing, especially when you consider how dominant he’s been over the last few years.


#48: 6’1 ’19 Viontre Woody (Orangeburg, SC)

Moving onto a player that made an extremely lasting impression with his defensive prowess, Viontre Woody. He’s a guard with nice length and the ability to disrupt opponents on both sides of the ball. Woody moves well without the ball and applies constant pressure as an off-ball cutter and spot-up shooter. He possesses great quickness, which allows him to easily get by defenders and touch the paint. Woody is capable of knocking down open shots from all levels and displays quality feel and decision-making on that end of the floor. On the other end, he was among the most vocal defensive players in attendance and bottled up his assignment exceptionally well throughout camp. Next in his development process is working to tighten his handle, as creation ability would make him very difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Duncan on Woody: “Viontre was extremely coachable. I loved his voice on defense, as it was nonstop. He was able to create shots for his teammates. Viontre does multiple things that allow a team to win that simply don’t show up in the stat book. His on-ball defense created multiple transition opportunities. As he continues improving his shot, he will be a very good player.” Woody made a nice impact on both sides of the floor and could enjoy a breakout senior season.


#65:6’3 ’21 Cohen Gaskins (Summerville, SC)

Continuing onto a player that knows how to make a nonstop, positive impact on the game, regardless of supporting cast, Cohen Gaskins. He’s a guard prospect with great size and IQ for his position. Offensively, Gaskins is capable of playing as the lead creator or operating off-ball and applying constant pressure as a scoring threat. He has natural scoring feel on all three levels and will take advantage of any amount of space. Gaskins sees the floor extremely well and possesses very strong playmaking instincts, especially for a non-point guard. His IQ is through the roof and it’s evident on every movement he makes on offense. Gaskins is a deceptively strong defender with the ability to force turnovers and push transition play. He is capable of defending three positions quite well at the high school level. Gaskins is simply on another level as a two-way leader. Next in his development process is continuing to work on finishing through traffic, as it would allow him to attack the rim with even more regularity. Coach Duncan on Gaskins: “Cohen’s basketball IQ is off the charts. He has great court vision and looks to create for others. His jumper has great form and is a high percentage shooter from three-point territory. Verbal cues and team concepts allows him to flourish and make his teammates better.” Gaskins is an excellent two-way prospect that deserves to be on the Division I radar. His game is quite advanced at this stage in his development and he’ll be one to watch grow over the next few years.


#93: 6’5 ’22 Luke Bracey (Rock Hill, SC)

Next, we look at a player that does a truly incredible job of making an impact on all facets of the game while constantly outworking opponents on both sides of the ball, Luke Bracey. He’s a young forward/big man with a terrific feel for the game. Bracey doesn’t worry about flash or appearance; instead, he goes out and looks to make every possible contribution to a team. He fights for every rebound on every possession and willingly sacrifices his body during the process. Bracey embraces everything about being a quality teammate and has a clear desire to make the hustle plays whenever possible. He’s an excellent two-way rebounder and displays great patience around the basket. Bracey passed out of traffic well and showed signs of quality three-level scoring chops. Defensively, Bracey works extremely hard and does a solid job of stepping out and moving in space. Next in his development process is building a go-to scoring avenue, as it would allow him to be a constant headache for opponents. Coach Duncan on Bracey: “Luke’s effort and attitude are off the charts. He took criticism and turned it around. The young man plays defense extremely hard. Multiple times, he asked to guard the toughest player on the opposing team. Overall, he’s a great kid.” Bracey’s unselfishness and ability to put his team ahead of everything else is a rarity. His special approach to the game should allow success to easily find him throughout the next four years.


#97: 6’5 ’21 TJ Sanders (Marion, SC)

Moving onto a player that is fairly young, but already possesses an abundance of leadership qualities, TJ Sanders. He’s a big, strong forward prospect with an excellent motor and team-first approach to every facet of the game. Offensively, Sanders looks to fill in the gaps however possible, never forcing the action and always looking to secure extra possessions. He knocked down the occasional midrange jumper and finished quite strong inside the paint, especially when attacking downhill. Sanders communicated really well on both ends of the floor and made numerous defensive plays. He utilizes his body and feel for the game nicely to frustrate all types of opponents as a defender. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his consistency from beyond the arc, as it would make him even more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Duncan on Sanders: “TJ was extremely vocal and took on a role as a leader on the court and on the bench. He was very coachable. TJ had moments where he would finish well on the block and midrange areas.” It would be challenging to find much fault in Sanders unselfish approach to the game, as he simply exudes leadership. He’s young and will be one to watch progress.


#117: 6’9 ’20 PJ Hall (Moore, SC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that is at an incredible crossroads between potential and production, PJ Hall. He’s a smooth, athletic big man with an unbelievably fluid skillset. Offensively, Hall is capable of burdening the scoring load from all three levels, and does so with impeccable efficiency. He’s a gifted all-around scorer that can operate from the high or low post, or face-up and bully opponents with his high-level shot-making ability. Hall is capable of truly dominating a game on defense, given his role and feel as a rim-protector. A big man that can score in every way and protect the rim typically goes beyond the college ranks, which is part of what makes Hall so intriguing. He’s an impressive two-way rebounder that flings beautiful outlet passes well over fifty feet. Hall is able to do anything on the hardwood, and at 6-foot-9, that makes him virtually unstoppable. Next in his development process is continuing to sharpen his consistency from beyond the arc without becoming too reliant on his face-up game. Coach Duncan on Hall: “PJ has a great attitude and great footwork. He has multiple skillsets and is dangerous from beyond the arc and on the block. When he decides to take over a game, PJ is a man amongst boys. His shot-blocking and timing were highlighted multiple times throughout the day.” Hall has rapidly trended upward throughout the national media scene over the last year and now holds offers from numerous high major programs, which is no surprise to anyone that has seen him during that span. He’ll be able to go anywhere in the country before long, especially if he continues his two-way reign of terror.