South Carolina Top 80 Evaluations


Team 10

Coach: Bryan Brown


#12: 5'10 '19 Alvin Cuffie (Hartsville, SC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that displayed a pretty strong amount of offensive polish at camp, Alvin Cuffie. He's an off-guard that is wired to score, especially as a shooter from midrange and beyond the arc. Offensively, Cuffie does a solid job of attacking defenders, entering the paint, and making plays whenever possible. He brought an excellent attitude and team-first presence to his team, which went hand-in-hand with his constant unselfishness. Cuffie knows how to defend and was able to force a few on-ball turnovers throughout the day. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his movement without the ball, as it would open up an abundance of scoring opportunities from off-ball cutting. Coach Brown on Cuffie: 'AJ has a great midrange dribble pull-up. He has a quick release on his jumper. AJ is a great on-ball defender and has a high upside because of his scoring ability.' Cuffie could be poised for a big senior season, where he should be expected to be a strong contributor on both ends of the floor.


#19: 5'11 '20 Dwight Priest Jr. (Rock Hill, SC)

Next, we look at a player that showcased his strong motor and well-rounded skillset during camp, Dwight Priest Jr. He's a guard prospect with the ability to disrupt opponents on both ends of the floor, through utilization of his motor. Offensively, Priest doesn't force the action, but knows how to take advantage of scoring opportunities when necessary. He hit open shots throughout the day and attacked the basket with purpose. Priest worked extremely hard on defense and the glass, doing anything possible to force turnovers or gather extra possessions for his team. Next in his development process is working on his consistency from three-point territory, as it would make him a much more useful offensive threat. Coach Brown on Priest: 'Dwight runs the floor well; he can shoot the midrange shot quite well. Dwight also has the ability to attack the basket. He displayed a pretty good feel for the game.' Priest was able to play within his role and still make an exceptional impact on the game. He'll definitely be one to watch throughout the upcoming year.


#40:6'1 '20 Jamean Muldrow (Florence, SC)

Moving onto a player that understands how to embrace his two-way skillset in every contest, Jamean Muldrow. He's a wing prospect with excellent length and the ability to utilize it on both ends of the floor. Muldrow is able to attack the basket, extend his outstretched arms beyond most opponents, and finish strong. Beyond that, Muldrow is a pretty solid shooter from distance and midrange. He's unselfish and displays a fairly strong feel for the game. Muldrow scored quite well in transition, didn't try to force the action, and looked to open teammates whenever possible. He worked hard on defense and tried to be the first man back as much as he could. Next in his development process is continuing to improve as a penetrator, as it would make him much more difficult for opponents to contain on offense. Coach Brown on Muldrow: 'Jamean can really shoot the ball. He's a hardworker with a great attitude and approach to the game. He does a great job of attacking the basket.' Muldrow is productive, but has ample time to further develop, which could be a scary sight for opponents.


#41: 6'1 '22 Julian Kiett (Columbia, SC)

Continuing onto a player that is truly just beginning to harness his two-way potential, Julian Kiett. He's a young point guard prospect with quickness and well-rounded athleticism. Offensively, Kiett can play as the lead creator and make plays for the entire team; he's a competent slasher with great instincts and a fundamentally sound approach to the game. Kiett is capable of scoring from all three levels, but displays a firm understanding of getting others constantly involved. He touches the paint with regularity and finished an abundance of opportunities around the basket. On the other end, Kiett is a menace for opponents, given his quick feet and consistent in-your-face presence, which allows him to accumulate a lot of steals and push the break. Next in his development process is working on his catch-and-shoot ability, as it would allow him to be a bigger off-ball threat and spot-up whenever he desires. Coach Brown on Kiett: 'Julian is a hard-nosed guard that has a great feel for the game. He played hard on both ends of the floor and shows a clear desire to win. He's young but embraces being unselfish.' Kiett simply wreaks havoc on the floor and has already built a reputation as one of the top young players in South Carolina, easily making him a prospect to monitor going forward.


#61: 6'2 '20 Marc Haight (Charleston, SC)

Next, we look at a player that highlighted an exceptional IQ throughout his time at camp, Marc Haight. He's a wing prospect with solid length and the ability to apply pressure on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Haight proved that he's an effective three-level scorer with an efficient jumper from midrange and beyond the arc. He moves really well without the ball and surveys the floor nicely, allowing him to relocate and pick his spots on offense. Haight doesn't force the action and understands how to keep the ball moving. He was excellent in transition and spotted-up whenever possible, which forced opposing defenses to scramble on kick-outs. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it would make him a far more useful two-way rebounder. Coach Brown on Haight: 'Marc has a high IQ on both ends of the floor. He can shoot the three-ball from deep and is not afraid to pull the trigger. He was also very good from midrange.' Haight enjoyed a quality showing at camp, but should keep working to maximize his two-way abilities.


#73:6'3 '20 Malik Wiles (Moore, SC)

Moving onto a player with numerous great intangibles and a blossoming two-way skillet, Malik Wiles. He's a long, rangy wing prospect with a wiry frame and the ability to consistently affect various facets of the game. Offensively, Wiles utilizes his quickness to attack defenders and enter the paint whenever he chooses. He showcased a nice pull-up jumper and formidable three-point stroke at camp, but applied the most pressure as a scorer around the basket. Wiles is arguably more valuable on defense, where he accumulates a ton of deflections, steals, and can push the break with regularity. Wiles is a terrific rebounder for his size and position. Next in his development process is becoming a more polished scorer beyond the paint, as it would make him more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Brown on Wiles: 'Malik is an athletic player that runs the floor well. He is long and frequently uses it to his advantage. Malik played hard on both ends of the floor.' Wiles has done a nice job of continually improving over these last few years, so it'll be interesting to see if he can keep that trend going as he enters his junior season.


#75: 6'3 '21 Russell Felton Jr. (Aiken, SC)

Continuing onto a player that provides his team with an incredible leadership presence and abundance of basketball talent, Russell Felton Jr. In terms of wing players, Felton could realistically be the top prospect from this event, especially looking back in the future. He's a strong, athletic player that has impressive versatility on both ends of the court. Offensively, Felton bullies opponents with his strength and blinding quickness. He scores at a high level from all three levels while occasionally showcasing his effective back-to-basket ability. Felton attacks the rim with force and can finish through any amount of contact. His frame and athleticism allow him to defend three to four positions at the high school level with no hesitation. He's truly a bloodthirsty defender with incredibly sharp instincts and the ability to pile up blocks and steals in a hurry. Felton has the IQ, intangibles, and leadership qualities to be a big-time prospect, especially if he continues to improve. Next in his development process is becoming a more consistent shooter off the dribble, as it would make him virtually unstoppable for opponents. Coach Brown on Felton: 'Russell is an extremely athletic player. His grit and hustle helps him make winning plays. He plays above the rim and gets it done on both ends of the floor consistently.' There isn't much standing between Felton and stardom right now, but he'll still be a prospect worth keeping a close watch on, as he could realistically collect five to ten more offers by the end of the season.


#91: 6'5 '20 Case Roach (Travelers Rest, SC)

Next, we look at a player that was somewhat under the radar prior to camp, but quickly burst onto the scene during regulation, Case Roach. He's a wing prospect with great size and an impressive two-way skillset. Offensively, Roach plays within his role, moving without the ball, spotting-up, pursing second-chance buckets, and taking the occasional defender off the dribble. He scores efficiently from all three levels and displays great confidence when setting up his jumper. Roach constantly made the smart play and utilized his terrific vision throughout the day. That being said, his motor was arguably his best attribute, as it allowed him to frequently make hustle plays and sacrifice his body whenever possible. Roach was a pretty versatile defender and switched between three positions quite seamlessly. Next in his development process is simply to keep refining his creation skills, as he has all the makings of a Division I prospect. Coach Brown on Roach: 'Case is a very good player. He can really shoot the ball and loves to get to the rack. He's not afraid to let it fly from distance and is quite capable of making them.' Roach was an excellent two-way player with IQ; college programs should quickly take notice of his ability over the coming months.


#105: 6'6 '20 Jordan Burch (Columbia, SC)

Moving onto a player that possesses so much talent, he could actually be a high-level player in multiple sports, Jordan Burch. It's easy to understand why he's so special, especially after watching him perform on the hardwood. He's a tweener for all the right reasons and is able to annihilate either forward position. Offensively, Burch is as dynamic as possible for a player of his physical stature and it certainly catches folks by surprise. He's incredibly nimble for his size and has the ball-skills of a guard. Burch is special and capable of scoring against any type of opponent. Smaller defenders will get bodied and thrown to the floor around the basket, whereas bigger assignments simply can't match Burch's foot-speed and crafty handle. He creates for himself, others, and scores quite well from all three levels. Burch is also versatile on defense and had no problem disrupting opponents with his phenomenal strength. He has virtually no holes on either end of the floor and that was very evident during his time at camp. Next in his development process is working on the use of his off-hand, as it would allow him to utilize and attack both sides of the court equally. Coach Brown on Burch: 'Jordan does a good job of using his size and body frame to his advantage. He has lots of mismatches with his size and ability to handle the ball. Jordan is very aggressive in the paint.' It's amazing how talented Burch is at football, because he has such an innate feel for the game of basketball and could pursue a career on the court if he truly desired. The two-way terror is amidst a dominant year on the gridiron and will be an exciting prospect to watch during the upcoming season.


#119: 6'10 '20 Patrick Iriel (Columbia, SC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that is just beginning to scratch the surface of his two-way abilities, Patrick Iriel. He's a long, active big man with a calm demeanor and aggressive approach to the game. Offensively, Iriel is quite smooth and showcased his ability to score on all three levels throughout the day. He has a pretty reliable low-post game and will try to dunk on any opponent in his path. Iriel displays nice touch and timing around the basket, allowing him to finish a strong majority of his attempts in the paint. Right now, he's somewhat wiry, but still makes an impressive impact as a shot-blocker, which means he'll only get better with added strength. On defense, Iriel shows no interest in backing down from opponents and plays with a great chippiness to his game. He blocked an abundance of shots and made great outlet passes in transition. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it would make him a more physically imposing two-way player. Coach Brown on Iriel: 'Patrick is a solid rebounder and strong finishes. He uses his size and big frame well. He can shoot the three-ball and does nicely in the pick-and-pop.' Iriel should be expected to have a big high school season, as he'll likely be the two-way leader of AC Flora.

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