Team 3

Coach: Blake Walker

#102: 5’7 ’23 Darren Lloyd (West Florence)

Starting things off, we look at a player that always seems to outwork and outperform opponents in every matchup, Darren Lloyd. He’s a tough, heady, slightly undersized lead guard prospect with a strong balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Lloyd is at his best when breaking down opponents, getting downhill, and making plays for himself and others within the paint. However, he’s more than respectable as a perimeter shooter and plays much bigger than his listed height as a defender and rebounder. Lloyd is a phenomenal defender and forces turnovers very well, which leads to a ton of easy transition play. Next in his development process is working on moving without the ball, as it would open up even more scoring opportunities as a cutter. Coach Walker on Lloyd: “Darren is a skillful, hard-nosed guard that plays to win. Being a small guard, he definitely plays with a chip on his shoulder. His ability to finish at the rim is remarkable, whether it’s a dunk or layup. His quickness and speed allow him to flourish on defense, making it hard for the opposing guard to initiate the offense. Darren was definitely an asset to our team and should have a good season at West Florence.” Lloyd continues to stand out as a notable prospect and should certainly have the attention of various college coaches over these next two seasons. 

#115: 6’0 ’24 Brady Poole (Chesnee)

Next, we look at a player that was able to regularly fill in the gaps as needed for this team, Brady Poole. He’s a wiry, energetic guard prospect with a nice shooting stroke from three-point territory and crafty finishing ability. Poole doesn’t look to force the action, but can apply scoring pressure as needed. He plays with a nice motor, defends with purpose, and effectively gets to his spots in transition. Next in his development process is working on his craftiness as a ball-handler, as it would make him a more reliable creator off the bounce. Coach Walker on Poole: “Brady was our sparkplug today. He made three-pointers when we needed him to and got to his spots on the floor throughout the day. He’s a crafty finisher, especially for his height. It doesn’t take long for him to get into a rhythm. Brady moves super-well without the ball and was a great teammate. I’m excited to see his growth over these next couple of years.” Poole enjoyed a quality showing at camp and should only continue to progress over the foreseeable future at Chesnee.

#117: 6’0 ’24 Jayden Wingate (Darlington)

Moving onto a player that consistently found ways to make an impact within the team concept, Jayden Wingate. He’s an unselfish, fairly well-rounded guard prospect with strong spot-up ability from midrange and beyond the arc. Wingate moves well without the ball and consistently found seams within the defense, which led to a ton of converted jumpers. He’s a useful defender and rebounds the ball nicely for his size. Wingate understands how to play without forcing the action while doing the little things on either side of the ball. Next in his development process is working on the use of his off-hand, as it would make him a craftier finisher around the basket. Coach Walker on Wingate: “Jayden is a knockdown shooter when in rhythm. He moves well without the ball and is far from a selfish player. He understands that defense is a must and works hard on both sides of the ball. He hustles each possession, and has the potential to be a quality player.” Wingate played to his strengths throughout camp, and should emerge as a nice contributor sooner than later for Darlington.

#120: 6’0 ’25 Shane Potts (Goose Creek)

Continuing onto a player that performed very well despite being the youngest camper on this team, Shane Potts. He’s a young, team-first guard prospect with an excellent spot-up presence and the understanding of how to make an impact within the flow of the action. Potts shoots the ball at a reliable rate from midrange and beyond the arc, but also shows a strong willingness to set up others and access the best available scoring option. He also works hard on the glass and moves well without the ball. Next in his development process is working to get quicker, as it would make him an even better penetrator. Coach Walker on Potts: “Shane impressed me with his poised, calm composure while handling the ball today. He has an extremely smooth game and is a team-first type of player. He has a solid skillset, and was probably the most fundamentally sound player on our team, which stood out—as he is a freshman. As his athleticism catches up to him, he will develop into a quality guard in South Carolina’s Class of 2025.” Potts highlighted a lot of enticing qualities at camp and will definitely be a prospect to monitor going forward. 

#133: 6’1 ’23 Jonathan Mata (Clover)

Next, we look at a player that proved to be a difference-maker through his toughness, intensity, and blue-collar approach, JJ Mata. He’s a wiry, rugged, fairly skilled guard prospect with nice energy, athleticism, and defensive prowess. Mata worked extremely hard in each game, showing a willingness to make hustle plays and do the dirty work whenever possible. He scored with efficiency, moved without the ball, and truly shined as an all-around defender. Next in his development process is working to get stronger, as it would only make him a better finisher through contact. Coach Walker on Mata: “If you want a player that takes pride in defense and winning, Jonathan is the way to go. He took the challenge of guarding the most aggressive player each game and did not back down. He dove on the floor, defended 94 feet, got through screens, and made whoever he was guarding work extremely hard. He could play on any team because he plays hard and is unselfish. Jonathan scored within the flow of the game, not forcing anything or taking bad shots.” Mata quietly stood out amongst the top performers at camp and should have a very productive upcoming season as a leader for Clover. 

#138: 6’1 ’22 Kory Davis (York Prep)

Moving onto a player that always seems to naturally stand out for his ability to set the tone, especially on defense, Kory Davis. He’s a tough, extremely quick lead guard prospect with a nice combination of vision and scoring prowess. Davis is a capable perimeter shooter, but undeniably at his best when breaking down his man and touching the paint at a high volume. He’s a pure menace defensively with the ability to truly mirror opposing ball-handlers into a ton of turnovers.  Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would naturally open up even more scoring opportunities as a cutter. Coach Walker on Davis: “Kory controlled the pace very well for our team today, showcasing his ability to lead the team on both ends of the floor. He’s a great on-ball defender and extremely unselfish. Whenever we needed a basket or defensive stop, he was the one to provide it. He had the gym hyped with one of his poster-dunks. His athleticism and sense of the game gives him a strong chance to play at the next level.” Davis proved to be a clear asset at camp and will be a prospect for college coaches to monitor over the course of his upcoming senior season at York Prep.

#156: 6’3 ’22 Antonio Willis Jr. (Northwestern)

Continuing onto a player that consistently made his presence felt as a leader, both on and off the court, Antonio Willis. He’s a long, wiry, high-motor forward prospect with excellent defensive prowess and a sheer nose for the ball. Willis is a quality finisher with the ability to knock down jumpers or create within a few dribbles as needed. He’s a well-rounded athlete with the feel and physical tools to outwork opponents in all facets of the game. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a three-point shooter, as it would make him a more dynamic offensive threat. Coach Walker on Willis: “Antonio was our leader today. He was extremely vocal, positive, and meshed well with his teammates. His goal was to win each game, and he did not take any plays off. He showcased a little bit of everything today. Nice flashes at the rim (including dunks), pull-up jumpers, and hustle points through blocking shots, making the extra pass, and working extremely hard on defense. This kid is strong, explosive, and more importantly, a great young man!” Willis continues to highlight a natural winning sense, and should be a prospect for various college coaches to pursue over the coming months.

#169: 6’4 ’23 TJ Warwick (Oceanside Collegiate)

Next, we look at a player that simply understands how to overwhelm opponents with his incredible motor and blue-collar approach, TJ Warwick. He’s a strong, sturdy, extremely unselfish forward/post prospect with a legitimate willingness to do whatever possible to provide his team with an edge. Warwick is a tremendous rebounding and overall hustle player who can finish, pass to open teammates, or knock down perimeter jumpers at a solid clip. He’s a useful defender and consistently overwhelms the opposition with his activity level on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working to refine his shooting mechanics, as it would make him an even more reliable floor-spacing option. Coach Walker on Warwick: “TJ won me over today after he took the first charge for our team. He does the little things that equate to winning. He made the extra pass on offense, got people in position, and was vocal on the floor. He sacrificed his body for us and always spoke positively to his teammates. I liked his midrange jumper and how well he played off of two feet. He has a nose for the ball, and can defend pretty much all positions.” Warwick shined as an all-around workhorse and should be poised for a productive upcoming season at Oceanside Collegiate. 

#174: 6’5 ’22 Christian Ferguson (Brookland Cayce)

Moving onto a player that continues to showcase a pretty useful inside-out identity, Christian Ferguson. He’s a wiry, skilled wing/forward prospect with the ability to apply scoring pressure from all levels with or without the ball in his hands. Ferguson reliably fills in the gaps on both ends of the floor (specifically as a defender, passer, and rebounder), but can also expand his production as needed. Next in his development process is working to add strength, as it would make him a more physically imposing defender against stronger opponents. Coach Walker on Ferguson: “Christian was such a scoring threat for our team. He made timely baskets within the flow of our offense. He takes pride in playing defense and is a willing facilitator. He gets off of the ground quickly, allowing him to rebound well for his position. He’s a difficult player to guard, especially when he’s in rhythm because he can score from all three levels. I expect him to have a great senior season and will be tracking his progress going forward.” Ferguson made his presence felt throughout camp and should be a prospect for coaches to keep an eye on over the coming months.  

#188: 6’8 ’23 Aaron Hall (Legacy Early College)

Finishing up, we look at a player who easily stood out as the top performer in attendance, Aaron Hall. He’s a long, fluid, athletic wing/forward prospect with the combination of motor, toughness, and blossoming inside-out tools to overwhelm various types of opponents. Hall was able to dominate each game through constant finishing, rebounding, and blocking shots. He hit jumpers at a respectable clip, but looked to get downhill at every opportunity. Hall defends multiple positions, runs the floor well in transition, and has the necessary skill to operate with the ball in his hands. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a shooter off the dribble, as it would make him even tougher for opponents to contain. Coach Walker on Hall: “Aaron was a force to be reckoned with all day. He tried to tear the rim down with every dunk he had. He drained the energy out of his matchup each game, setting hard screens, boxing out, and making contact during the game. He’s strong, powerful, and plays with a motor that is hard for opponents to match up with. He was our glue-guy each game, and it was fun coaching him.” Hall made a lasting impression at camp, securing the MVP award with relative ease, and should be a noteworthy addition for Legacy Early College.