South Carolina Phenom 150 Evaluations


Team 3

Coach: Jason Brown


#56: 5'5 '21 Jordan Blue (Hartsville, SC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that showcased great poise on both sides of the ball, Jordan Blue. He's a point guard with exceptional ball-handling and passing abilities to pair with his unselfish approach to the game. Offensively, Blue is a smart overall player, rarely forcing the action, but consistently taking advantage of any possible penetration opportunities available. He creates well for himself and others and moves with purpose on defense. Next in his development process is improving as a two-way rebounder, as it would make him a more complete player. Coach Brown on Blue: 'Jordan is a great floor general that knows how to locate the open man and score when needed. Jordan played great defense on the floor and had a great attitude throughout the game. Jordan was a joy to coach.' Blue was able to make a consistent two-way impact at camp and should continue to build off his strong showing.


#73:5'9 '23 Jevon Brown (Florence, SC)

Next, we look at a player that has a lot of maturity and basketball understanding for a player his age, Jevon Brown. He's a guard prospect with a tough all-around presence, though he stands out more on the offensive end of the floor. Brown affects the game in various different ways, especially through his ability to blow by opponents and make plays within the paint. He's more of a combo-guard right now, but looks likely to continue growing. Brown was a standout performer at Jr. Phenom Camp the day prior, which should go hand-in-hand with his comfort level amongst high school prospects. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it would allow him to become a better finisher. Coach Brown on Brown: 'Jevon has a great basketball IQ and overall feel for the game. He played really great defense on the upperclassmen playing as an eighth-grader. Jevon is a great team player who loves to get others involved. He's unselfish and puts the team ahead of all else.' Brown has already laid a strong foundation and should have a dominating upcoming season in middle school.


#79:5'10 '20 Fredrick Savage III (Columbia, SC)

Moving onto a player that provided a lot of energy on both sides of the floor during camp, Fredrick Savage III. He's a guard prospect with nice quickness and a decent feel for the game. Savage typically plays off-ball, but can also play as one of the lead creators and make plays for others. He understands how to move without the ball, especially in transition, and attacks the rim with purpose. Savage competes hard on defense and shows the ability to force turnovers when jumping into passing lanes. Next in his development process is working on the use of his off-hand, as it would make him a more difficult player for opponents to defend. Coach Brown on Savage: 'Fredrick did very well in his play during camp. He played good defense and showcases solid passing ability with his team. Fred played with an excellent approach to the game and was able to score pretty often. He's a great player with a great attitude.'' Savage was a strong two-way contributor for this squad and should bring that same approach to his upcoming school season.


#93: 5'11 '22 Valerian Bruce (Florence, SC)

Continuing onto a player that has a lot of attainable two-way upside, given his size and hardworking approach to the game, Valerian Bruce. He's a big-bodied wing prospect with a terrific approach to the game, willing to make any hustle play possible in order to provide his team with a boost. Bruce scored the ball pretty well from all areas on the floor, and looked strong filling the lane in transition. He's a very unselfish player that is always looking to create an opportunity for others. Next in his development process is becoming quicker, as it would make him a more dynamic shot-creator with the ability to consistently get by opponents. Coach Brown on Bruce: 'Valerian is a great wing player that played nicely on both ends of the court. He has a great basketball IQ, especially when it comes to finding and feeding the open man. Valerian can score the ball pretty well from in and outside the paint and plays hard.' Bruce is young, yet looks perfectly capable of being able to actively contribute in his first high school season.

#97: 6'0 '22 Miller Shouse (Fort Mill, SC)

Next, we look at a player that truly knows how to make a memorable impact on both ends of the floor, Miller Shouse. He's a strong-bodied guard prospect with an excellent motor, able to keep pushing through and making plays once others have fatigued. Shouse's attention to the little things is very vital to his play style; he won't allow any rebound or loose ball to get out of his area. He shoots the ball pretty well from the floor, especially off the catch, and has the ability to complement most teammates. Shouse has a quality understanding of the game and plays so incredibly hard at all times, making his presence always felt. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his ability to create off the dribble, as it could make him a go-to scorer in time. Coach Brown on Shouse: 'Miller showed a lot of grit and tenacity out on the court. He is a player that produces a lot of energy for his team and can finish or shoot the ball. Miller continued to improve by building his confidence when finishing through contact. He contributed really well on the defense end of the floor and was constantly helping his team be in a position to score.' Shouse should be one to watch at Fort Mill during this upcoming season, as he'll continue to get better with each passing day.


#98:6'0 '22 Quantrell Montgomery (Greeleyville, SC)

Moving onto a player that constantly showcased his defensive prowess throughout camp, Quantrell Montgomery. He's a wing prospect with an unselfish approach to the game, showing a clear willingness to do whatever necessary to give his team an edge. Montgomery is fairly quick and able to penetrate into the paint pretty often. He rebounds well for his position and frequently looks to push the break. Next in his development process is becoming a more reliable three-point shooter, as it would open up an abundance of scoring opportunities. Coach Brown on Montgomery: 'Quantrell is a really great defender that positions himself for success at all times. He forced multiple turnovers and worked hard in transition. Quantrell has started to move better without the ball, positioning himself to get open for layups and putbacks. He has also shown that he can finish around the rim and absorb contact.' There were a lot of intriguing things about Montgomery, but it'll be interesting to see how quickly he can develop his offensive game.


#112:6'2 '21 Brandon Wingo (Fort Mill, SC)

Continuing onto a player that was arguably the most complementary player on the team, Brandon Wingo. He's a wing prospect with IQ and an excellent approach to the game on either end of the floor. Offensively, Wingo is a great spot-up option with terrific consistency and shooting mechanics. He scores the ball well on three levels, even though his three-point shot is certainly his most reliable scoring avenue. Wingo displays a nice feel for the game, never taking a bad shot or forcing the action on offense. His fundamentally-sound style of play provided this team with a massive boost, especially when they were in need of a bucket. Next in his development process is becoming quicker, as he could utilize the quick first step when running around screens. Coach Brown on Wingo: 'Brandon has great energy and was a joy to coach throughout camp. He plays with a lot of heart and passion. He is a great shooter, defender, and communicates very well.' Wingo had a great showing at camp and there is a growing likelihood that he'll be a strong contributor for Fort Mill HS during the upcoming season.


#118: 6'3 '22 Kieran Leviner (Bennettsville, SC)

Next, we look at a player that brought a pretty solid all-around presence to his team, Kieran Leviner. He's a forward with energy, constantly looking to force a turnover, pursue the ball, or wreak havoc on the glass. Leviner is quite young, just entering his freshman season, and has ample time to continue developing. He scored the ball well from all over the floor, especially in transition, where he was able to run the floor and finish inside the paint. Defensively, Leviner knows how to get big and utilize his length to alter shots; he's not overly aggressive, but he does display nice aggression on fights for rebounds. Next in his development process is becoming a stronger ball-handler, as it would allow him to attack defenses in a variety of new ways. Coach Brown on Leviner: 'Kieran has the ability to score and is a great team player. Kieran is beginning to gain even more confidence in his ability to play on and off the ball, and it showed during the game. Keiran also grabbed rebounds throughout the day.' Leviner has an interesting two-way skillset and should be one to watch grow over the next four years.


#131: 6'4 '21 Devin Boston (Sumter, SC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that has a lot of upside, especially as a rim-protector, Devin Boston. He's a long-armed forward that might actually be taller than his listed height andlooks likely to continue growing. Offensively, Boston does a solid job of securing position in the post and shows a decent understanding of how to score from either block. He showcased signs of a formidable midrange stroke and consistently filled the lane in transition. On the other end, Boston utilized his length and timing to block and alter an abundance of shots. He was the lone rim-protector on this squad, and actually did a pretty good job in those situations. Next in his development process is continuing to develop his perimeter skills, as he could become a dangerous inside-out threat. Coach Brown on Boston: 'Devin is a good rebounder and likes to penetrate the paint while also shooting jump shots. Devin plays strong defense and communicates well with the team. He has a great attitude and overall approach to the game. Devin was a joy to coach.' Boston is just entering his sophomore season, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him enjoy a potential breakout year.