South Carolina Phenom 150 Evaluations


Team 6

Coach Dre Simmons


#59: 5’6 ’22 Isaiah Washington (Inman, SC)

Starting things off, we look at a player that exerted a lot of effort during his showing at camp, Isaiah Washington. He’s a lead guard with the ability to consistently get by opposing defenders. Offensively, Washington looks to apply pressure from all three levels and frequently attacks the paint in transition. He was able to get off clean shots throughout the day and didn’t seem fazed by defensive pressure. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength and sharpen his consistency as a shooter, in order to maximize his offensive abilities. Coach Dre on Washington: “Isaiah has various areas to improve. He played hard during camp and always wanted to be on the floor. He needs to work on his transition defense and overall shot selection, as it would make him a more reliable teammate. Isaiah showed flashes throughout camp and has ample time to continue improving.” Washington should be one to watch progress over the years, as he’s just entering his first high school season.


#68: 5’9 ’23 Arturo Overton (Hopkins, SC)

Next, we look at a player that was still hungry for competition after dominating at Jr. Phenom Camp the day prior, Arturo Overton. He’s a guard prospect with big-time scoring ability and an excellent feel for the game. Overton is a very capable offensive player; he moves extremely well without the ball and can create scoring opportunities for himself with ease. He hadn’t cooled off from his red-hot shooting display on Saturday and brought that same efficient three-level scoring to high school camp. Overton plays with a calm demeanor, but he’s a killer on the court. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it would allow him to become a better two-way rebounder and absorb more contact around the rim. Coach Dre on Overton: “For one of the middle-school kids at camp, Arturo showed great poise and control against older kids. He’s a strong passer and plays at a terrific pace. Arturo has a decent jumper and can consistently get to the rim. He has a bright future.” Overton was on an absolute tear between the two days of camp, and should have an exciting upcoming season.


#75: 5’9 ’20 Nathaniel Barr (Hartsville, SC)

Moving onto a player that showcased his unselfish, team-first approach throughout camp, Nathaniel Barr. He’s a guard prospect with an excellent motor and understanding of how to contribute on both sides of the ball. Barr’s size isn’t physically overwhelming, but he’s so relentless and never quits on a possession, which is what makes him such a pest on defense. His leadership qualities stood out in each contest, as Barr could be heard providing his team with encouragement on and off the court. He shot the ball very well from all over the floor and took advantage of numerous spot-up opportunities. Next in his development process is working on his ability to finish around the basket, as it would make him a more complete offensive threat. Coach Dre on Barr: “Nathaniel is a hardworking player that brings a lot of energy to the game. He sacrifices his body whenever necessary and will do anything to give his team an edge. Nathaniel was a willing defender and was coachable throughout camp. He can shoot the ball really well!” Barr displayed the ability to make his teammates better and should be a quality contributor this upcoming season for Hartsville.


#90: 6’0 ’21 Myles Ulmer (Anderson, SC)

Continuing onto a player that was able to make his presence felt on both ends of the court, Myles Ulmer. He’s a long-bodied guard prospect with quality athleticism and the ability to contribute without needing the ball. Offensively, Ulmer possesses solid ball-handling and quickness, which allows him to get by opponents with relative ease and then finish around the rim. He shot the ball well throughout camp and displayed a strong overall feel for the game. Ulmer was an effective rebounder that showcased his ability to push the ball in transition. He was a willing passer throughout camp and forced numerous turnovers on defense. Next in his development process is working on the consistency of his jumper; he knocks down a strong percentage, but can continue to fine-tune his mechanics. Coach Dre on Ulmer: “Myles is a quick guard with solid playmaking ability. He has no problem getting by opponents, but also doesn’t force the action. He can shoot the ball effectively from the floor and showed the ability to get to the rack whenever he desired.” Ulmer enjoyed a solid showing at camp, but still possesses the ability to improve on both sides of the ball, so it’ll be interesting to watch his growth going forward.


#102: 6’1 ’22 Barry Hardy (Blythewood, SC)

Next, we look at a player that, in many ways, was the glue-guy of his squad at camp, Barry Hardy. He’s a young wing prospect with long arms and nice athleticism, which is only part of what makes him so intriguing. Offensively, Hardy has the ability to play on or off-ball and make an impact; he creates well for himself, but also consistently looks for teammates. During camp, Hardy shot the ball well from the floor, but especially accurate from midrange. He was also able to frequently get by opponents and finish around the basket. Next in his development process is to work on the utilization of his off-hand, as it would open him up to a variety of new angles and scoring opportunities. Coach Dre on Hardy: “Barry is a long, lanky wing that can do a little bit of everything. He gets to the basket with ease, where he consistently highlighted his craftiness and strong capabilities around the rim. Barry is very coachable and could have a bright future.” It’ll be interesting to see how Hardy progresses going forward, as this season could be pivotal to his high school career.


#120: 6’1 ’22 Lebron Thomas (Lee County, SC)

Moving onto a player that simply displays maturity far beyond his middle-school years, Lebron Thomas. He’s a young point guard prospect with great size and incredible vision, which made him one of the most exciting players on display at camp. Offensively, Thomas has an innate ability to get by opposing guards and into the lane, where he’s really able to manipulate the defense. His blend of IQ, athleticism, and decision-making is truly on another level, and he’ll continue to trend upward as one of the top freshman in the state. Thomas defends with intensity and forced an abundance of turnovers at camp. Next in his development process is continuing to work on the makings and consistency of his three-point shot, as it would make him virtually unstoppable on offense. Coach Dre on Thomas: “Lebron is a great two-way player with a high motor. At his position, he can handle the ball, get to the rack, and has a decent jumper. Lebron cannot be stopped from doing what he wants. He looked like a man amongst boys at camp. Lebron was very coachable and displayed great court vision all day.” It was entertaining to see Thomas still dominating under the radar, but that’s likely to change in the coming months, where he should be one of the top players at Lee Central.


#121: 6’3 ’19 Ray O’Neal (Hartsville, SC)

Continuing onto a player that was among the top two-way performers on display at camp, Ray O’Neal. He’s an athletic wing prospect with the ability to consistently overwhelm opponents. His approach to the game is refreshing, always interested in defending the best opposing player and taking legitimate pride in his efforts on that end of the floor. O’Neal is a surprising athlete that caught numerous opponents off-guard and threw down one forceful slam after another, especially in transition. He displayed great leadership qualities at camp, always communicating and showing a clear willingness to do anything necessary to give his team an edge. Next in his development process is continuing to improve as a ball-handler and relax his pace of play, as it would make him a more complete offensive and patient offensive player. Coach Dre on O’Neal: “Ray is a freakish athlete with great finishing ability at the rim. He possesses nice touch on his jumper and has great quickness for his position, able to beat slower bigs off the bounce. Ray can dunk with ease and has great end-to-end speed. He was very coachable and showcased a high basketball IQ throughout camp.” He won the Mr. Station award and received votes for various other honors. There shouldn’t be anything preventing O’Neal from playing college basketball, especially if he carries his camp mentality into the season.


#128: 6’4 ’21 Ansuélo Young (Lexington, SC)

Next, we look at a player that was able to make an impact with his size and competitive nature, Ansuélo Young. He’s a young big man with nice athleticism and an intriguing skillset. Offensively, Young displayed a strong post-game with various moves and counters, able to finish over either shoulder while showing patience and the ability to read and react to opponents. He plays with a terrific motor and fights for rebounds on every single possession, often securing the offensive board and finishing the second-chance points. Young ran the floor well and made his presence felt on defense through the use of his length. He looked comfortable patrolling the paint throughout camp. Next in his development process is continuing to improve as a ball-handler, as it would allow him to drive and finish with less resistance. Coach Dre on Young: “Ansuélo is an athletic big man that can dunk with two hands off the vertical. He’s a great rebounder and has a nice arsenal of moves around the basket. Ansuélo has a decent handle, but needs to keep working. He was coachable all day and clearly wants to get better.” It’ll be exciting to watch the continued growth of Young, who has the chance to be a really strong two-way player.


#139: 6’4 ’20 Jacari Outlaw (Goldsboro, NC)

Finishing things up, we look at a player that has all the necessary tools to play at the next level, Jacari Outlaw. He’s a long-armed wing prospect with a fairly well-rounded approach to the game. Offensively, Outlaw is a constant threat to score from all three levels; he’s a very efficient shooter, but also displays a firm understanding of how to make others better. He creates offense well for himself and knows how to inflict damage with his spot-up abilities, forcing opponents to play him extremely tight on defense. Outlaw has a quiet demeanor, but plays the game the right way, which seems to rub off on teammates. He’s a willing defender with the ability to force turnovers through his length. Next in his development process is continuing to improve as a ball-handler, as it would nearly make him a complete offensive player. Coach Dre on Outlaw: “Jacari has a great attitude and understanding for the game. He gets the team concept. Jacari needs a little improvement on ball-handling, but is good enough off the dribble to score at will. He was great at playing with or without the ball.” Outlaw is an asset to any team he’s on and should have a huge upcoming season at Greenfield.