#51 2024 Cameron Scott (Lexington SC)
He is excellent in transition and makes great decisions with the ball, He keep the defense on its heels and backing up excellent pull-up jump shot.' 'He has the ability to play one step ahead of the defense, while his offense kept his teams on the move.' He displayed vocal leadership a talent rarely seen from today’s young basketball players.

#44 2023 David Tator (Fayetteville NC)
An excellent rebounder goes up from the forward position with both hands to secure the rebound.' Has the ability to make tremendous Outlet passes.' What we like about this kid on the office end is his soft touch around the basket.' For kid his size he has tremendous speed and quickness deceptive even.' David is a lockdown defender he gets his hands on every 50-50 ball.

#16 2023 Darren Lloyd (Florence, SC)
This kid was impressive all day from being the first man to ride I can only open the door, to making scoring as easy as looking at the basket with the ball in his hand.' A Zone killer.' He’s one of those guys you have to have in your Arsenal on a night when a team decides to Zone you up on the defensive end. He will be able to make them think again.' Plays defense with a tenacity takes it personal something that every coach looks for in a kid he took pride in guarding his man at these type of events you don’t see kids playing that type of Defense they just want to score the basketball. We’d like to see him put on about 12 more inches. But for now if you’re in the market for hard working combo guard this kid is the one.' 'From what we saw today he was about 60% from the field.' 'Darren made a bid for MR. Defense.

#23 2024 Deuce Hudson (Darlington, SC)
Plays downhill attack mode only.' He kept the defenses guessing and moving backwards all DAY. He knows one speed fast!!!!' 'A tremendous athlete with a good body that’s high school ready.' Good shooter good passer good ball-handler but it’s his tenacious attitude and raging defense that made him stand out.' There was no getting by this kid for an easy layup either he got the ball, blocked a shot or you got filed.' and he never took a play off,' never walk back down court and never hung court and cherry picked' he played basketball from Baseline to Baseline for 32 minutes.

#25 2023 Matty Foor (Summerville SC)
This will be one to watch for in the future, Foor is a coach on the floor.' He 's. an eighth grader with a high basketball (IQ) he makes the right pass, and takes the right shot. He is What coaches, call a glue player.' He caught the attention of everyone.