Team 4

Coach: Jordan Washington


#17: 5’3 ’24 Jamarie Brown (Effingham)

Starting things off, we look at a player that has made some very nice strides in his progression, Jamarie Brown. He’s a smart, unselfish guard prospect with a well-rounded skillset and excellent shooting prowess. Brown defends nicely and is capable of operating in a variety of different roles and expanding his production based on what the team needs. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would allow him to seamlessly play alongside another ball-handler. Coach Washington on Brown: “Jamarie has an excellent feel for the game and has great IQ on both ends of the floor, especially for his age. I will love to see his progression throughout the rest of the season. He needs to improve on handling the point guard role more and being aggressive on both ends of the floor.” Brown could be one to watch, especially if he maintains his approach from camp.


#18: 5’3 ’24 Josiah Peeples (Columbia)

Next, we look at a player that made a strong impression with his incredibly smooth skillset, Josiah Peeples. He’s a smart, crafty guard prospect with phenomenal perimeter shooting and the ability to work as a primary creator or spot-up threat. Peeples handles the ball well and possesses nice vision, but also shows a willingness to fight for extra possessions and pursue reboudns on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would help properly highlight his smooth spot-up shooting. Coach Washington on Peeples: “Josiah was awesome for me today. He has great length and can handle, pass, and shoot the ball very well. I would love to see him work on his defensive presence going forward.” Peeples enjoyed a nice showing at camp and will be a prospect to watch closely going forward, especially if he continues to work.


#37: 5’6 ’24 Xavier Johnson (Sumter)

Moving onto a player that was arguably the main glue-guy of this team during camp, Xavier Johnson. He’s a long, wiry wing prospect that simply knows how to get downhill, attack the basket, and finish around the basket. Johnson operates well within the team concept and doesn’t force the action on either end of the floor. He’s an effective scorer and defender that fights hard for rebounds and extra possessions at all times. Next in his development process is working on establishing a go-to scoring avenue, as it would make him a more lethal offensive threat. Coach Washington on Johnson: “Xavier is a good player and works hard on both ends of floor. He has to work on his decision-making when penetrating to the basket. I loved his energy all day long.” Johnson proved to be a very solid two-way player and should continue expanding his game over the coming years.


#44: 5’8 ’24 Dylan Evans (North Augusta)

Continuing onto a player that stood out as the most polished and disciplined defender on this team, Dylan Evans. He’s a smart, high-motor wing prospect with the ability to effortlessly apply pressure as a penetrator and finisher at the basket. Evans utilizes his strong body to fight through contact and make his presence felt as a two-way rebounder. He’s surprisingly quick and nimble for his size and shows a clear desire to do whatever possible to provide his team with an edge. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would allow him to find more scoring opportunities within the flow of the offense. Coach Washington on Evans: “Dylan has been my Mr. Defense throughout the day. He works hard on every single possession on both ends of the floor. He is a coach’s dream. He just listens and hustles. I would love to see him continue to sharpen and improve his perimeter game.” Evans showcased a strong two-way identity and will be one to watch progress over these next few years.


#55: 5’10 ’24 Bryson Heath (Matthews)

Next, we look at a player that was among the most polished performers in attendance, Bryson Heath. He’s a quick, strong, athletic lead guard prospect with a tremendous motor and two-way feel for the game. Heath is able to get from a standstill to top speed incredibly fast and simply dominated in the open floor. He was able to grab rebounds, push in transition, and apply relentless pressure as a penetrator. Heath also knocked down jumpers and forced turnovers at a strong rate. Next in his development process is working on becoming a craftier ball-handler, as it would make even tougher for opponents to contain. Coach Washington on Heath: “Bryson was the leader of this team for the day. He displayed hustle on both ends and scored consistently from all three levels. I look forward to seeing his progression as he continues to grow into an all-around player.” Heath was arguably the most productive guard on display and should continue to be a strong contributor going forward.


#60: 5’7 ’24 Jordan Barr (Blythewood)

Finishing up, we look at a player that possesses a nice crossroads between production and long-term upside, Jordan Barr. He’s a strong-bodied point guard prospect with a tight handle and useful array of creation skills. Barr gets downhill, attacks the basket, and looks to make plays for himself and others from within the paint. He scores the ball at a solid rate from all levels and can work without the ball whenever necessary. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it would make him an even better penetrating threat off the dribble. Coach Washington on Barr: “Jordan handled the ball very well today. He was great playing against teams that pressed full court, handling the pressure and making smart decisions. Jordan worked well within the team and finished well at the basket.” Barr quietly went about his business during camp and enjoyed a pretty productive showing as a result.