With so much talent on display all weekend we took care of all the headliners, but now I want to dive in on a few talented sleepers coaches should know about. These guys range from LM-D2 and all have one thing in common, currently they are all criminally under recruited. If you’re a fan of diamonds in the rough I have you covered here on this one so lets lock in!''img_5956.jpg

6'8, 2020, Josiah Shackleford (Hoop State Elite).

Shackleford was definitely one guy who did wonders for his stock throughout the weekend. The 6'8 forward showed great shot blocking ability and Shackleford proved to be an anchor in the paint for Hoop State Elite. Offensively Shackleford was effective in the lane, he dunked the ball hard every opportunity, Shackleford ate up the glass and got valuable clean up points, Shackleford runs the floor extremely well he will get easy buckets in transition as well.

Shackleford impressed coaches with his relentless motor on both ends, after the event he received some interest from; NC Central, Longwood, Radford, and UNC Asheville. '

6'1, 2019, Andrew Hopkins (Synergy Elite)

Hopkins caught the opposition off guard with his craftiness and he's got some sauce on the handle as well. Hopkins lit it up on Sunday afternoon at Greensboro Day School he quietly put up one of the most impressive scoring outings on the day. After exploding for 22 pts against Team Wall he officially put the gym on notice. Hopkins strokes it from deep his release is quick and he's got serious range, on the dribble drive Hopkins was aggressive, he finished strong at the cup and earned trips to the line.

At the division two level Hopkins could be a valuable point guard he's an high intangibles kid and he's coachable.

6'2, 2020, Aaron Ross ( Boo Williams NC)

Ross is an absolute dog on both ends he really got after it all weekend and the hustle didn't go unnoticed. Ross scored the rock efficiently from the perimeter his jump shot seems to be progressing, Ross penetrates the lane like a running back he's quick and he embraces contact at the cup, Ross has a stocky frame he's tough to get off balance. Ross also makes his match up uncomfortable on defense, Ross came up with a few steals due to his suffocating on ball defense.

Ross has the kind of toughness that winning programs depend on at the collegiate level.

6'4, 2019, Christian Martin (NC Top Flight)

Martin has been known to live above the rim but he had the entire arsenal on display with Top Flight. Martin proved to be a capable three point shooter, he looked comfortable off the bounce and getting to the cup, Martin also imposed his will on the boards. 'Martin didn't disappoint he also put together a few highlight dunks, at 6'4 Martin is a big bodied wing but he's athletic as well as agile. Martin finishes strong, he's a bruiser on the block and he plays a lot bigger than 6'4. Martin is physical enough to body up on smaller fours but he's quick enough to switch on guards.

Martin plays like a grown man every time out, he could be a tough cover at the division two level with his size and skills.