Sleeper Alert!! Phenom Hoops in July is always great because it provides a major stage for prospects to 'blow up'. This year is no different, if you put a lot of talent going against one another with hundreds of coaches surrounding the courts, players are going to have the chance to really show out.

During Phenom's Summer Havoc, in Spartanburg, South Carolina between 200-300 college coaches came from Wednesday through Sunday to watch the almost 150 teams, who traveled from 10 different states compete for scholarships.

One of the biggest breakout candidates from Phenom's Summer Havoc has to be Sidney Dollar of the Denver Nuggets. He came into the event with no college coaches really even knowing his name. He is from a rural area in Lincolnton, North Carolina. He attends East Lincoln High School, which is a small 2A school, not a lot of coaches foot traffic in the area.

Standing at a lengthy 6'5', Dollar has all of the tools you want in a playmaking wing. Dollar is explosively athletic and plays above the rim in both the half court and in transition. He has a smooth, effortless jump shot with deep range. Dollar handled the ball well in the half court setting, was able to initiate offense as well as create for himself. He is also extremely unselfish as a player.

Dollar also plays football, like his brother who is a wide receiver at Charlotte. Athleticism runs through the family genes.

Following Phenom's Summer Havoc, we have talked to several mid to high major coaches who really like what they saw from Dollar. Either while watching at the event or viewing the archived full game film via Baller TV, these out of region coaches have raved about what they saw. Questioning why not many people are talking about him, and why he has no offers. Rightfully so, Dollar was spectacular throughout the event.

Dollar will be with the Denver Nuggets this weekend at Phenom's CP3 Live, Friday through Sunday in Greensboro, NC. Expect the interest to continue to pick up, as we mentioned above, he can do everything on the floor you want a wing to do.

No offers for Dollar as of right now, however he is on the verge, maybe as soon as this weekend.

Click Here to Watch the Full game Film of each game for Dollar at Phenom’s Summer Havoc