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North Carolina's top players regardless of class

The state of North Carolina is absolutely loaded with high level talent. Each class has a bevy of star power, just look to the 2018 class where 6'5 Coby White and 6'2 Devon Dotson both have been selected for the McDonald All American game. White is headed to the University of North Carolina while Dotson is headed to Kansas. Then you have the likes of 6'8 Jaylan Hoard (Wake Forest), 6'6 Aaron Wiggins (Maryland),6'6' John Newman (Clemson), 6'8 Jairus Hamilton (Boston College), 6'8 Rechon Black (UNC), 6'8 Hunter Tyson (Clemson), 6'4 Nate Hinton (Houston), 6'8 Kris Monroe (Providence), 6'10 Immanuel Bates (NC State), 6'6 Michael Wynn (ECU), 6'5 Trey Wertz (Santa Clara),' and 6'9 Ian Steere (NC State). You clearly get the picture. To take it a step further, we have 51 players in the North Carolina class who have committed or signed to play with D1/D2 schools with 43 of them being D1. To take it a step further, there are another 30 plus prospects that are unsigned that are legitimate D1 prospects.

North Carolina has produced the likes of Michael Jordan, David Thompson, and James Worthy just to name a few. Year in, year out, the state continues to be a hotbed for basketball talent. Now, we want to take a closer look at the top players regardless of class. In our opinion, there are four consensus players that stand out. Now, let's take a closer look at our top four. Our top two are easy choices and naturally are two seniors. Last March, we wrote the following on Coby White and Devon Dotson. It's definitely worth another look.

6'2 '18 Devon Dotson (Providence Day/Kansas)
We have stated it often, 'Devon Dotson is the most intense competitor we have covered in quite some time.' Without question, Dotson has the 'it' factor. He is the best two-way player and can easily change the game on both ends of the court. Rarely, do you such a high elite level player compete equally on the defensive end of the court as the offensive end. Dotson will guard the opposing team's best player no matter the size. He is a willing defender and has the ability to shut down opponents. In addition, Dotson plays each possession like it's his last and the game is on the line. Dotson has played all four years at Providence Day which in itself is a rarity these day. Dotson's fire and competitive will remind Kansas fans of former point guard Frank Mason who is a rookie in the NBA.

6'4 '18 Coby White (Greenfield School/UNC)
We first watched Coby White as a freshman for Greenfield School. He was approximately 6'2 and completely wowed us with his performance in the NCISAA 1A state championship. Coach Salter gave us a heads up telling White was really going to be good. (No kidding coach!) Seriously, Coach Salter was singing his praises early on and White has continued to work hard, get better and improve each and every year. He is the state's most prolific scorer and is one of the most effortless scorers in the history of the state. In our opinion, White is the best offensive player in the country. He can score from all three levels and his downhill ability is as good as it gets.

6'6 '19 Wendell Moore (Cox Mill)
Wendell Moore is without a doubt, one of the most complete players you will watch. What separates Moore from his peers is his ability to make others around him better. Moore is a gifted passer and may be one of the most unselfish players we have watched. The 'do it all' wing guard can play and guard multiple positions. Moore has gone through a methodical approach to the recruiting process and has the likes of Kansas, Ohio State, South Carolina, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest, UNC and Florida State hotly in pursuit. We have always been impressed with Moore's ability to get others involved, but having the ability to hit the reset button and completely take over a game.

6'4 '20 Jaden Springer (Rocky River)
Jaden Springer is blessed with tremendous basketball frame. He has a unique blend of strength, speed, athleticism and explosion, not to mention finesse and a certain level of smoothness not seen at his age/grade. Springer has the best midrange jumper in the country where he is both efficient and effective. What makes Springer so unique, he is one of the best scorers that is not ball dominant. He is underrated nationally as a passer and his court vision allows him to make timely passes that gets his teammates involved in the offense. Springer already has a college ready frame and his mature approach to the game is advanced beyond his years. When watching Springer, it's hard to fathom that he is only a sophomore.


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